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  1. I has released some short scripts for beginner like me. https://github.com/coverman03/3dcoat_script
  2. coverman

    request add new script command

    And next, ・I want to get Current Voxel Layer sort number in Boxel Tree. ・I want to get how many childs current Voxel Layer have. --Voxel-- array GetVoxTreeBranch();/*get voxel tree array(string, array(string1, string2), string, string)*/ int GetCurVoxChildsCount(); /*get current voxel childs count*/ int GetCurVoxSortNumber();/*get current voxel sort position*/ SetCurVoxSortNumber(int);/*set current voxel sort position*/ I can not sort the voxel layer by script.
  3. I think 3dcoat need these simple commands. --Voxlel-- GetCurVoxParent("string"); /*get current voxel parent*/ SetCurVoxParent("string"); /*Set current voxel parent*/ --Retopo-- cmd("$UnhideAllRetopo");/*Unhide All retopo groups*/ cmd("$ShowAllRetopo");/*Show All Hidden Retopo groups*/ cmd("$InvertHideRetopo");/*Invert Hidden Retopo*/ cmd("$HideButCurrentRetopo");/*Retopo Isolate*/ cmd("$Toggle_Retopo_visibility");/*Toggle Retopo Visibility*/ cmd("$MergeVisibleRetopo");/*Merge Visible Retopo*/ cmd("$CloneRetopo");/*Clone*/ cmd("$CloneSymmRetopo");/*Clone w/ Symmetry*/ cmd("$FlipNormalsRetopo");/*FlipNormals*/ cmd("$DecomposeRetopo");/*Object-ify (separate to each retopo groups)*/ I don't know how to use mantis. Please consider this idea and add task for mantis.
  4. coverman

    Sticky hotkeys don't work well !

    I think all cause of Sticky keys problem is in hotkey setting. Hotkey XML is delicate but simple, so I think It is graphic draw lag or somthing like that. The problem you face, is cased at simple New scene? At least, you would be better to set these settings. ・[View]-[ReliefOnly] select ・[Geometry]-[CastaShadow] Off ・[Geometry]-[incrementalRender] Off Advice form me is all...
  5. coverman

    Sticky hotkeys don't work well !

    I think you already custom your hotkey, maybe UserDefined number was modifeid. You just want to disable all sticky keys, you should set <UserDefined>0</UserDefined> in the hotkey file. <userDefined>number manages the order sort of Stacked keys. please try do this.
  6. coverman

    Sticky hotkeys don't work well !

    I was having the same problem. I read help manual and it is written like this. Sticky keys does not work with Stacked Keys. So I export my hotkeys from [Edit] - [save hotkeys]. Open it with text editor, replace all <AllowStack>false</AllowStack> to <AllowStack>true</AllowStack> And reimport. I was released from that problem.
  7. coverman

    retopo question?

    wow! it is impressive.
  8. coverman

    retopo question?

    Step1. Export your retopo mesh form tool bar menu [Retopo]-[Export]. Step2. Create new retopo layer. [Windows]-[Popups]-[Groups] Step3. Import & move mesh [Retopo]-[import] maybe you can transfom in this step. If you want to move other retopo mesh. use select tool & transform tool. (rectangle brush is the best to select all faces)
  9. coverman


    Thanks to your reply and script ajz3d. I also agree with your opinion. The values returned by GetCurrentToolID() is very accurate but cannot be used anywhere. The ID is clearly translated like this. "VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULP_GROW" to "$[Page4]Grow" So if we want to get ID and change Tool with a script, we need retranslation like your script. I was just surprised.Really!? I just have a surprise, but I'm not troubled at all. So I do not send any mail to Andrew. I prefer this type string ID "VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULP_GROW" It's long, but it looks like common format in 3D-Coat and accurate.
  10. coverman


    I'm using V4.1 and V4.5 beta10.
  11. I write an easy script to get current tool ID. ------------- void main(){ string ID = GetCurrentToolID(); ShowFloatingMessage(ID, 10); } ------------- This is the result. VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULP_GROW I think this is the command ID! ------------- bool cmd(string &in ID); This is main command that you will use. It performs any action from user interface. To get the command ID hover your mouse cursor over required item and press MMB+RMB simultaneously. The command ID will be copied to clipboard. Pay attention that if a command is not present in current UV layout it will not be performed. ------------- So I write two script. cmd("$[Page4]Grow); //Yes!it is working! cmd("$VOX_SCULPT_TOOL::SCULP_GROW); //No!it is not working. What is the meaning of this command exists? GetCurrentToolID();
  12. Thank you for replying ajz3d. I was probably understand that it's impossible to make the change parent script. I want to simplify the reconstucting of subtree, so I'm going to think about my needs carefully. Thank you.
  13. Thank you for a great script. I read scripting Manual and ajz scripts. It became the great help of my script learning. Now,I am would like to create a similar script to change the voxel parent. I am looking for a way to get the parent of voxel or to count the number of subTree. I know these selection and adding voxel scripts will work. cmd("$VoxTreeBranch::Root[1][0]"); cmd("$VoxTreeBranch::+[5]"); Do you know something about VoxTreeBranch command? Is it exist like this Function? GetCurVoxParent("childVolume1"); SetCurVoxParent("Root");