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  1. I regret that the topic was uninteresting, but to finish what i started
  2. I think is the maximum 3 week... because there are already very few participants opinion carlosan?
  3. I'm working on it still very rudimentary but only 4 days left will be enough time? Do not modify the submission deadline? opinion? because I see everyone is moving slowly
  4. Yes-yes Tomorrow i will write the new challenge!!!!
  5. Hi Guys! This is my speedsculpting video:
  6. Funny and/or dark version... nice idea You write the new challange? It may be the deadline last day of the October?
  7. Kargall!...opinion? or be a different topic?
  8. the cartoon figure: 1. to the original look 2. funny version 3. or completely or thought, but is recognizable as the original cartoon figure
  9. ok i think is the theme of the next: Cartoon characters reloaded I have given the subject matter, the sign does Kargall :D
  10. very funny but now who start the new challenge?
  11. i share the speedsculpting video soon , just need to cut it
  12. I upload my entries in my personal gallery
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