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  10. Im arrived FINISH! Main image: Unfortunately, the texturing was 2 hours, at 4 am because I finished the last installment Now I post only the pictures here later a repost the images in my personal gallery Other shots: I saw an interesting work Good luck to everyone!
  11. carlosan! you are a best thank U forever!!! the panel can be switched off until September 8? :D .D may be a bit much to ask?
  12. Is It Possible? everyone gives him permission?
  13. I'm very tired. I did not sleep last night. I feel like I will not be ready today. It would be nice if the day would be 72 hours
  14. MORE DETAILING: NOT FINISHED :( I can not finish time I need 2-3 days, but the deadline tonight I'm very disappointed
  15. Secret But i record the full sculpting in timelapse video. you will see later
  16. next blockin' mo' details.. 4day left
  17. this is my first BASIC blokkings! I started too late, because on holiday but I hope I can finish in a few days 5day left
  18. carlosan, ryaguy1986 very nice base blocks
  19. Ohhh sorry, that not space a city at night with clouds
  20. perfect wording! I wanted to say --->ON WATER! or IN AIR!!! ---> NOT is a SPACE remember the ship in THE AVANGERS movie???? that a sci-fi style boat... and not to fly in space!