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  1. ok ok no problem! just do not be a typical spacecraft! I do not feel that Star Wars is
  2. Malo! I think that the flying boat is not the same as spaceship. The spaceship a spaceship. This is a other category... but u know
  3. So be it Then open a new topic?
  4. I don't want to wait for 1 year Just 1-2week! because now it is holiday season and everyone is relaxing! I too!
  5. fantastic feeling to see the AWARD ICON I am very happy! How much time do I have to figure out the topic of the next challenge?
  6. Ty guys! Am so very Hppy! I was very surprised by the results. I did not think that I will win. Ty every1 for Ur vote!
  7. Perfect carlosan... I write one to two days after just a rest for 1-2 days its holiday This now means that I won this challenge?
  8. Ty GeneralAce55! Just what you say
  9. I promised a video here's my speedsculpting video of this challenge
  10. I choose the topic? This honor! I'm thinking ... What do you want? Just choose a topic theme or full description/challenge rules:?
  11. Ty ajz3d for your trust! When thinking about what to do, i decided...i'm going to realize my old drawing a bit out of line, but maybe this will give the charm nice to see that I'm there with the greatest names
  12. me too ... all applicants a great chance! good luck to everyone
  13. Thx Marc! I'm glad you like it... Soon i post the speedsculpt video Tapatalk-kal küldve az én LG-P760-el
  14. I think i FINISHED MY HANDGUN!!!
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    From the album: Venom Crossbow

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    From the album: Venom Crossbow

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    From the album: Venom Crossbow

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    From the album: Venom Crossbow

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    From the album: Venom Crossbow

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    From the album: Venom Crossbow

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    From the album: Venom Crossbow