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    [SOLVED] Paint room - Export layers not working

    Found the issue - In the UV room, there were several material layers from each bake. After deleting them I rebaked the maps and it worked!
  2. Hello, I'm trying to export my normal map bakes but when I export the PSD, I open up the file in GIMP and the normal map is empty. I know the bake worked because I can set the normal map layer to Standard blend and see the normal map on my mesh. I've tried exporting different formats without any luck. The research I've done hasn't given a solid answer. Any ideas?
  3. davesenter

    [SOLVED] Missing UV options in retopo room

    Wow, can't believe I didn't see that before. Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, I've done a few bakes on a model I'm working on but then realized I wanted to resize some of the islands to provide more resolution. After resizing the UV islands, the packUVs buttons are missing from the retopo room. The retopo mesh doesn't show up in the UV room so I'm not sure whats missing. Any ideas?
  5. davesenter

    [SOLVED] Translate imported retopo mesh

    Found the issue: I didn't have a material applied to the objects inside Blender so when they imported in they didn't show up correctly. After applying a material and reimporting the retopo mesh it came in correctly and I was able to manipulate the object.
  6. davesenter

    [SOLVED] Translate imported retopo mesh

    Hello Carlosan, I don't see a choose UVset option in the retopo room. Does this have anything to do with my improted mesh being wireframe? It seems as though I cannot edit it. I selected "No" when importing it so the verts don't snap out of place.
  7. davesenter

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all! Nice to meet everyone. I'm a 26 year old 3D artist working in the Midwest. I've had 3D Coat for a while but haven't used it for much more than its UV and retopo tools. Thought I'd jump in a see what the forum community is like Lately I've been using voxel room and working on my hardsurface modeling skills. Its really great!
  8. davesenter

    [SOLVED] Translate imported retopo mesh

    Hello all, Is there a way to translate an imported retopo mesh after it has been imported into 3D Coat? I have a retopo mesh I created in Blender, use the applink and "Retopo mesh as new layer" option but can't move it after placing it and pressing Enter. It also only shows up as wireframe after being placed.