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  1. That means the license file for 3dCoat 2021. They are not being sold yet. The license key for 3dcoat V4 does not fit there. Please use in Free Trial mode only
  2. stas3dc

    New pricing paranoia

    No, you already have a V4 version, it doesn't matter which V4.**, even if you bought it in 2013, so please just wait until the release of V2021 and then make the upgrade
  3. stas3dc

    New pricing paranoia

    Your concern is understandable. And there’s a few thoughts for a possible solution here. First off, on top of the main 3DCoat, we plan to introduce a new cheaper product (this is yet to be announced), based on 3DCoat’s texturing & materials tools. Maybe that could work as an option for some of the hobbysts. Secondly, we plan to introduce not only the one-time purchase option, but also renting of 3DCoat, where you’d have monthly payments, which would be much more affordable an option. Thirdly, and you can take it as a kind of lifehack, say you download the 30-day trial and it expires, yet you could continue using the program and all the toolset even after the trial expires, with an exception of the exporting (you can still save your models in the internal 3DCoat’s format though) and rendering functions (render with watermarks) . So, that would essentially allow you to use the program completely for free:). And say, If you need to export your model in an external format or render it without watermarks, you can pay one-month rent and then cancel the subscription. Technically this could work as a good option for those who just started learning 3D modeling and are not ready to buy the full license just yet.
  4. stas3dc

    New pricing paranoia

    Yes, you will have a free upgrade to V2021 Individual...
  5. stas3dc

    New pricing paranoia

    Of course, Individual license allows commercial use. Added "commercial use allowed " here https://3dcoat.com/2021announcement/
  6. The team behind 3DCoat is excited to present the Beta of our brand new library of scanned PBR-ready Smart Materials today! Functioning in the Beta mode currently, the dedicated Store of PBR Scans has been revealed!
  7. CGTrader Awards: Best 3D art around the web - a chance to get your digital artwork into the spotlight! September 19, 2017--- CGTrader, one of the leading 3D model marketplaces globally, has announced a new digital design competition CGTrader Awards: Best 3D art around the web! The competition encourages artists to submit their artwork for the prize pool valued at over $50,000 and gain wider visibility on both social media and digital art communities. The competition strives to engage both CGTrader’s own community and artists around the world to show the projects they are proud of the most. For this competition, CGTrader is looking for unique images from artists’ portfolios that fit at least one of the six categories: character, cartoon, environment/scene, sci-fi, fantasy and photorealism. Artists can submit any artwork from their portfolio, whether new or created a while ago. CGTrader will be reviewing submissions every day and pinning them to dedicated Pinterest boards for everyone to see who is participating, select their favourites and encourage others to join the public voting. CGTrader Awards are supported by a number of 3D and CG industry players from software providers to render farms and media portals, all of which share same passion for visual communication, creativity and want to support global artist community. “This year artist can submit their artwork until December 1st, 2017, and the winners will be announced December 18th, 2017. Though this is the first time we are running this type of awards, we truly believe that global artist community will enjoy the challenge and this will become an annual tradition” - adds CGTrader Awards coordinator.
  8. Добрый день, нет в скором времени мы не планируем скидок, но 24 ноября будет "Черная пятница" .
  9. Спасибо за замечание. Сделаем
  10. stas3dc

    3D Coat Professional License time ?

    One time payment. No time limitation.
  11. stas3dc

    Windows/Linux license

    Do I have the right to reinstall the Steam version? Yes Do I have the right to use whichever version I like? Yes
  12. stas3dc

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    yes it costs 79$ till 15 June . You should paste your V3 key here http://3d-coat.com/buy-now/upgrade-to-v4/ and you will see the link to upgrade
  13. stas3dc

    retrieve serial number

    Hi Denis, this is Stas. Even if you do not use your old email pleaser paste it here http://3d-coat.com/buy-now/serial-remind/ and the system will give your key. If it does not work please send me any info about the purchase to business@3d-coat.com . Stas
  14. stas3dc

    Upgrading to Pro

    "Does anyone know if I go from a Win+Mac educational license to a Pro for the $250 Educational to Pro upgrade, will that still enable me to use it on Win+Mac commercially? I'm mainly interested in responses from people who have been in this exact situation and have upgraded to pro. Thanks." Particularly we did not face this situation yet as usually people make Win+Mac from Pro version, but of course in this case we will give you another key for Mac Pro if you bought Win Pro. You should pay 40$ only once as AbnRange said. Just send me email at sales@3d-coat.com and I will send you key manually.
  15. stas3dc

    reduced pricing?

    Hello Zeddicus, don't worry . Now we do not make release of V4, so there is no link for it. The release will be soon , during max 2 months or less. Then you will find the link...