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  1. Thank you both for the suggestions. That did the trick!
  2. Hi All, Following (I hope) the "from scratch" tutorial with the Rat... Following the AUTOPO and heading into the Paint room... I see that I have too many layers or perhaps mesh objects... they are interfering with each other. Whilst leaving the Retopo room, I first did a Merge with NM (per pixel). When I got to the paint room, I was presented with what you see attached: It appears that the density regions are still visible and are on a separate mesh... and when I attempt to paint, only the object with the density mapping receives paint. The other mesh does not receive paint. I believe that this object that was created in the Voxels room... but I can't seem to delete it from the vox tree (it ignores delete requests silently). It is now listed as a surface. What are these two objects? I assume one is the original voxel edit... and the second is a surface from AUTOPO... but... why do I have both still... and unable to delete the voxel object? Why is it interfering with the paint room? Thanks so much for your kind help, R
  3. Ryder

    Cut and past geometry

    Thanks AbnRanger.... especially the first video... that was truly helpful. I'll try the split as soon as I can... fighting other demons at the moment R
  4. Ryder

    Cut and past geometry

    Hi all, This will sound stupid... but honestly, I can see no way to select geometry in 3DC. Say I have several primitives, and I want to move them to different/new layers. There seems no conventional means to do it... no selection... no cut/copy, and no paste. Totally stumped here... your kind help appreciated.
  5. Hi all, Doing the Rat tutorial... calls for loading a sphere primitive and clicking "freeblob", which doesn't appear to exist anymore (not in the manual). What should I do to finish this tutorial properly? Many thanks, R
  6. Ryder

    What happened to "freeblob"?

    I believe that is the one! Even that one is not in the manual A hidden secret. Also, how do you do attachments in postings? That seems rather useful. All the best, R
  7. Ryder

    Cut and past geometry

    Hmmm.... That didn't seem to work. Say I have 10 teeth on a layer.... and I want to move one to a new layer... I would use the Move to... (Layer), yes? Unfortunately, all 10 teeth moved. Not just the tooth I was on. Why did this not work? Thank you. R
  8. Hi all, New to 3DC, old to 3D. Was playing around with 3DC... and had used the Ressample + command many times... and then just now, started a new project with a sphere, and the "Resample" (with question mark) is there... but Res+ is no longer in the commands list. That's a bit frustrating... any ideas why it mignt not be there? Thanks ever so much R
  9. Hi all, This post is about a problem similar to the "Slow" AutoPo from a few days ago... Symptoms: AutoPo seems slow to me, (but I may not be calibrated well) AutoPo is ignoring guides... and the new topology seems almost random (awful) AutoPo is ignoring density painting I have a required count of 15,000, but I am getting less than 1,500!!! Settings: Required polycount: 15,000 Z-Symmerty on Hardsurface retopology on, crease angle: 30.000 Quad Quality, Best/Slowest Auto-density influence: 1.0 Decimate if Above is: On Decimate model till (x1000): 40.000 Smoothing result: On Guides are not intersecting. Guides are few. I am reading that 4.0 may have been better for AutoPo... I'd like to try that and see, but I'm not sure how to get it. As I'm new to this, I may be making some total noob mistake... but still, it doesn't seem too hard. I have been delivered results that are usually a bright green retopo, but once was a blue retopo... which I thought odd. Thanks ever so much for your kind help, R Update: Setting Voxelize Before to ON improved things quite a bit, but there are holes, and the density painting seems to have no effect. Guides SEEM to be getting followed, although it may be only that it is logical that they do.
  10. Ryder

    Introduce yourself!

    Hi all! New to 3DC, old (very old) to 3D. If you know modo, you might know that Allen Hastings is behind that... and previous to that, he created Lightwave 3D. Well, BEFORE THAT he created Videoscape 3D on the Amiga. That is where I started. There wasn't even an modeling tool. We used graph paper, and a text editor. Hard core, man. Anyway, I know Lightwave, Modo, Sketchup, and Solidworks... to some extent. (I'm no guru). But I have made decent money doing 3D animation in the past. Still doing it as a hobby and for 3D printing work. Looking forward to learning with you. R
  11. Ryder

    Res+ command has gone missing!

    The middle sphere starting option for both methods (splash page directly, and the Voxel Sculpt option), seem to be different by a 2X, but after using Res+, I end up bringing them both to the same overall tris count... I also tried with high density resamples, and also no resampling to see if I could make results better... but no change. Starting work with the Voxel Sculpt option is the only way this tool is working for me. Thanks ever so much for the pointer! That's one to file away.
  12. Ryder

    Res+ command has gone missing!

    OK, good news... for now at least. With the new install, Res+ is back, and behaving properly. However, and this is interesting... the problem with the CutOff tool is still there, *but* it seems to depend on how I start my work. If I start from the start splash page, and select a sphere to work from, then CutOff seems to want to fail, unless the cut is VERY simple. *However*, if I start my work using the Voxel Sculpting option on the splash page... then it seems to work fine! What is different about these two methods that might cause this? Looks like I am out of messages for my first day, so please accept my thanks in advance.. but I should be able to respond tomorrow. Regards, R
  13. Ryder

    Res+ command has gone missing!

    Hi Carlosan, I tried that method as well, and Res+ does not appear... I would show you an image, but I don't see an easy option to include a picture with this message. I am downloading 4.1.08 now... will attempt using it soon, though I think I am running out of messages that I can send for today. All the best, R
  14. Ryder

    Res+ command has gone missing!

    I should mention one other thing... the Res+ command IS in the Voxels menu, but it behaves exactly like the Resample tool. The Res+ functionality seems to have disappeared entirely.
  15. Ryder

    Res+ command has gone missing!

    Hi, I apologize... I had intended to mention that I have the Steam version... 4.1.04A... downloaded just a few hours ago. This is a fully paid version. Is this a known situation, where tools go missing? I have even restarted the program. I tried pressing on, even without Res+... using the CutOff tool. Even though it had performed flawlessly last night, today, the tool fails constantly, complaining of "self intersections". 3DC is behaving like a new (misbehaving) tool compared to just 12 hours ago. Perhaps the mistake was buying on steam? Thanks for your kind help.