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    Reset rotation values?

    Aaahh, thank you!!! It works really well, but one thing I've noticed ist that the rotation pivot is slightly off. So I have to write down the coordinates before rotating. Then, after "Reset Space" type the coordinates in the "Position" field again to bring the object back to the original position. Agisoft Photoscan creates a new UV map automatically if you use default settings. If you want to use your own uv map, you can choose the option "Keep UV". Agisoft Photoscan ist just amazing! You can use it for so many things. But also you have to UNDERSTAND HOW it really works. It's all about the INPUT. If you know how to capture your models the right way, you'll get good results like this: https://skfb.ly/zyIp If you have questions on this topic, feel free to ask me. I've been testing it for a looong time and know all the dirty little tricks already :-)
  2. lefty3d

    Reset rotation values?

    Hey guys, I'm just playing around with 3D-Coat and try to figure out all relevant features for my workflow. One thing I couldn't find anywere is the ability to rotate the object and save the rotation values to reset them after editing. My intention is to edit reconstructed data from Agisoft Photoscan. Therefore I import a model into 3D-Coat and eliminate all the bad areas using the voxel mode. The problem is that I'm not able to align the model properly in Agisoft Photoscan (Standard) so when I export it, it has really weird scaling and rotation, which is really hard to work with. So I want to temporary align the model and after cleaning up all the bad issues bring it back to Agisoft Photoscan to re-project all textures. That's why I need to leave the rotation of the model as it is. Maybe somebody can give me a hint? Greetings