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  1. AlchemistD

    Dragon Sculpt

    Latest sculpt - skull. Really liking this app.
  2. AlchemistD

    Dragon Sculpt

    I think so, it's so they can be led around, right?
  3. AlchemistD

    Dragon Sculpt

    Thanks you. I put a little more work in today. Still learning the interface and workflow.
  4. AlchemistD

    Dragon Sculpt

    Implremented your suggestion and started from Voxels, making better use of the layers as well, struggling with the pose tool a bit now, but getting the hang of things.
  5. AlchemistD

    WIP Sculpts

  6. AlchemistD

    Dragon Sculpt

    Thanks. Yeah, still trying to wrap my head around the workflow. I don't understand the relationship between voxels and surface. I used surface mode for all of this model, and when i attempted to switch back to voxels the resolution didn't seem to carry over (?). I'm also not yet sure how to add high levels of detail without creating a processor heavy model. So, yeah, still lots to learn.
  7. AlchemistD

    Dragon Sculpt

    A Dragon WIP. Just got into 3DCoat this past week and so far I love it. my new favorite program.