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  1. syunikiso

    New starting work

    Looking good, I like how you stylized the creatures on the sides. Are you going to share your brushes presets?
  2. syunikiso

    British Steam Loco

    Looks awesome, man!! Do you own this website in your signature? There are some neat blueprints!!!
  3. syunikiso

    Displacement Baking Workflow

    So, as you all already know, Digman made it However, this method goes wrong in the v2021 on my end. Every time the file is about to calculate my computer freezes. It works like a charm in the 4.9 version though. Do you guys have any clue of why this happens? Another thing that cause problems is when I import the lowpoly mesh and the program asks if I want it to snap to the high poly mesh. If I click "yes" the computer freezes
  4. syunikiso

    Displacement Baking Workflow

    Aww man I give up for now. I tried again and again without success. I'll just bake in Blender for the time being. Digman, I'll send you a download link so you can tinker with the files. Thank you very much for the help. Cheers
  5. syunikiso

    Lucas' Sketchbook

    Thank you very much!
  6. syunikiso

    Displacement Baking Workflow

    Hi Carlosan, thank you for the reply. I've tried it a few times but I'm not finding the displacement map anywhere. The Normal Map goes to a layer in the Paint Room, but I fail to find the same for the displacement. Hey, Digman, thanks a lot" I'll try to give you more info: The 'open" means that I've sculpted the mesh in another app and I'm trying to bring to 3DCoat, in the retopo room. I have a low poly mesh that I also import in the retopo room. So far I've tried "Bake w/ Normal Map (per-pixel)", " Bake w/ Per Pixel Painting w/ Displacement" and through (Retopo Room) Bake -=> Bake Texture menu. The best that I got was a good normal map; no success with the displacement. To make things worse, I'm not able to use the 2 latest options anymore. For some reason, now my computer freezes :/ I was about to give up when I had the idea to test the version 4.9.6. I did the exact same thing that I did in the v2021 and went through Bake -=> Bake Texture. It calculated the normals and displacement and saved each one in output images. Going through both 3DCoat versions to work doesn't feel optimal, though
  7. Hi, guys! I've been trying to bake a DIsplacement map using 3DCoat but without success. The resulting map looks strange and doesnt looks like the source mesh. I've tried: 1. Open the hp mesh into the retopo room. 2. Import the LP mesh in the retopo room. 3. Go to Bake -> Bake w/ Normal Map (per-pixel). This generate a normal map only. Then I tried in the Paint room, with both meshes loaded, going to: 1. Texture 2. Texture Bake Tool 3. Bake 4. Load displacement: 5. Load normal map: What am I doing wrong? Can you guys help? Thanks in advance!
  8. syunikiso

    Lucas' Sketchbook

    Sup! I'm currently away from work, using my time to study and try to improve in a few areas. One of them is female anatomy. I did the sketch in the latest post but I tried more times without reaching decent results What do you guys think? The last two were quick rendered in Blender. I also have been studying head anatomy and sculpt a male to compare with my female sculpting skills:
  9. syunikiso

    Lucas' Sketchbook

    Hi, guys! I've just updated for the version 2021 and it looks like the issue that I had with Move brush + symmetry is now solved! This way I'm back to the sculpting business in 3DCoat. So far just a few sketches but I'm willing to adopt the software in my professional workflow. Hope to have more stuff to show soon! Cheers
  10. The back face stuff worked, man! Thank you so much!!
  11. Hey, guys! Hey Carlos! Things are bad around here. The dollar now worth 2000x the brazilian money and I'm not able to rent it anymore. Does we have anything to do to correct this issue so I can move all my projects to 3D Coat? I work with collectibles so the sculpt function of 3DCoat is one of most important to me. I'm posting a video show more or less what happens (and yes, move is by far one of the tools I use the most) Do you guys have other ideas? THank you very much in advance! bandicam 2020-07-26 16-13-58-227.mp4
  12. Hi, everyone! First of all, thank you so much for the help given so far. So... I've tried a different model (sorry for the red, I didn't realize that I could just turn off the image. There are NDAs on this one), and got the same issues. Not only it doesn't get the symmetry working, but it destroys one of the sides. I actually can sculpt with the symmetry off, but all the work I have atm have tight deadlines and sculpt without symm is very time consuming. Any other ideas? I'll try to see if there's a way to download a stable older version. Maybe it solve the problem. Meanwhile I stay here waiting. Once again, thanks!!
  13. Hummm I'll turn it on and see how it behaves. Thanks, Carlos!
  14. omg I didn't realize it was a beta version. Where can I download the stable version? I've got a lot of work to do and about 90% of them are way better to do in 3D Coat