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  1. What's with that emoji lol Yup! I think that a mix of everything you guys taught me will allow me to finish this one! (and the brushes I got as well ) Thank you once again.
  2. There are videos I can just say thank you Actually I got the brushes from Michael. Greeeat stuff! However I believe I'll try to make some myself. I need to learn more about the program...
  3. I wasn't even 100% aware of these options lol But I'll probably mess with them in this piece. If so, I'll let you know how it went
  4. One of the problems about me is that I'm a 3DCoat noob. I couldn't even have this idea considering my skill level in the software Amazing stuff man, thank you very much for taking the time to do that, I'll definitively tinker with the file you gave and try to create more strands to work with.
  5. Dude. Same here. I'm struggling to think of a way to sculpt a more elaborated version of this hair since it will be only 7mm tall. In any case I comissioned a few brushes for michaelgdrs (he's an user of this forum and has a rich gumroad page) expecting to add some variation to what I already have. If this don't work I don't know what I'm going to do lol
  6. Hey Yousung, Thank you for teaching me this feature! I wasn't aware of it. However, it looks like it won't be enough if I try to sculpt directly. I believe I'll need something like individual strand meshes to be placed separately, although I'm not really sure it'll work. In any case I'll tinker with the rotate function to see if I get better results
  7. Hi guys, I'm sculpting a miniature for a client and he asked for the character to have curly hair. I tried this: After all, the head is going to be 7mm tall. However he didn't like it and asked for something like this: Which honestly I have no idea how to sculpt it. Do you have any suggestions on how to do it in 3DCoat?
  8. I downloaded another logo from the internet, in the PNG format. It worked! Then I used stencils for the texture and it also worked! This is just a quick test, but now that I have the project STL ready I can move to the game version. Thank you very much for the help!
  9. Hello I don't think that the problem is with the subdivisions. Here in this image you can see that it's so subdivided that you almost can't see the polys in wireframe. As you can see, the brush behaves as it doesn't have any depth. This happens with every brush, and this way I can't "stamp" the surface. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the pattern, how you it so uniform and without seems? I thought we could use the Noise tool and load the texture to be applied, but this did not work for me. In this case I used this option for the brush: I'll test the first issue by using another texture with the Beretta logo, but the second option I sitll can't figure out how to proceed. Thanks
  10. Got it, I believe I'll move to Cycles or try to fake it without the glass material. Thank you very much!
  11. Nope, I'm trying to put the images/textures directly in surface mode. Is it possible? I mean, I want to have these details in the actual geometry to generate the .STL afterwards
  12. Halloo! I'm modelling this beretta pistol both for 3D Print and for games. However, for the first one I'm facing some problems. One of them is: I can't put the Beretta "logo" or the text that's imprinted on the gun. I tried to import them as textures and apply as alphas with the Draw brush, but nothing happens. I noticed that it seems as there's no strength in the brush, but there's no way to crank it up either. The second issue is that I need to apply a texture on the grip area. Like this: I'm trying to use the Noise option. I tried loading the texture and selecting the texture but there are no images to load and there's no difference selecting the texture. Maybe my workflow is wrong? If so, how I would perform both tasks? Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, Thank you very much for your efforts. Using Carlosan's scene, I got these results: With "No shadow" turned off: With "No Shadows" turned on: Which is exactly what I'm trying to achieve, but then the shadows of the other objects cease to exist. Are there ways to use the "No Shadows" option just in one object in the painting room?
  14. Hey Carlosan, I'm using a glass material that I bought from michaelgrds, so I believe I can't share it. However, I'm leaving the link of the eye meshes here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r1no0fzssgxcw7w/Eye.zip?dl=0 . I'm using v2021.21. Thanks in advance
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