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  1. Hi, everyone! First of all, thank you so much for the help given so far. So... I've tried a different model (sorry for the red, I didn't realize that I could just turn off the image. There are NDAs on this one), and got the same issues. Not only it doesn't get the symmetry working, but it destroys one of the sides. I actually can sculpt with the symmetry off, but all the work I have atm have tight deadlines and sculpt without symm is very time consuming. Any other ideas? I'll try to see if there's a way to download a stable older version. Maybe it solve the problem. Meanwhile I stay here waiting. Once again, thanks!!
  2. Hummm I'll turn it on and see how it behaves. Thanks, Carlos!
  3. omg I didn't realize it was a beta version. Where can I download the stable version? I've got a lot of work to do and about 90% of them are way better to do in 3D Coat
  4. Hey, Carlosan, sorry for not responding your latest post; I had to do the job somehow and ended doing it in Zbrush. I didn't try these mesh repair options. I have several models to do in the near future but now I'm afraid to use 3D Coat to do them, although I prefer it instead of Zbrush. I'm included a part of the model I've shown in the earlier post. I've tried to include the entire model but it was too big to be accept by the forum. Cheers zorba.zip
  5. Hey Carlosan, thanks for your reply! I don't think this is the problem. I've tried another model without no references whatsoever and same errors happens. I'm doomed. The deadline approaches and I'm doomed!!!
  6. Hello, guys!! After a while using Zbrush and other stuff in my workflow, I've decided to go back to 3D Coat. It was amazing at first. I was preparing models to be printed. Smooth. And next on the line was to sculpt a simple piece for 3D print. "piece of cake" I thought, but then the nightmare begin. After a while the symmetry stop working properly. Why properly? Because what I do on one size turns in something insane on the other side. The sculpture turns in a bizarre mass of crazy strokes, overlapping polygons and other crazy stuff. I need to deliver this sculpt today. Looks like 3D Coat abandoned me :(
  7. syunikiso

    Lucas' Sketchbook

    Hello, great people from this forum! Mighty knights of the triple coat! I'm kinda back because I'm willing to go sculpting on 3D Coat again. Atm I'm testing different workflows for different types of work. How you guys work? For games? For production? For collectibles? Right now I'm using Blender, Lightwave and 3D Coat, but I feel there's missing something, specially on the game workflow. I believe I can improve the retopology, UVs and bake, I dunno... How you guys work?
  8. syunikiso

    Is there any more smart material?

    My 5 bucks are waiting! I'll also tell my friends at CGMA
  9. syunikiso

    Lucas' Sketchbook

    Hey Taros, shame on me, I didnt saved the presetes D: As for the fill tool, I actually used it for layering some base color info, but I like to do the "heavy" painting by hand and/or using projections. But I believe that saving my presets will solve the issue. Thanks!!
  10. syunikiso

    Is there any more smart material?

    Hey Michael, I'm interested too. So count me in! o/
  11. syunikiso

    Lucas' Sketchbook

    Hey guys, been really busy lately so I stopped posting here for a while. Right now I'm working in a project for a class and I'm using 3DCoat for texturing. So I have a few questions for the texture artists around.... How to set a good spray effect for skin painting? I tried to tweak a few settings in the airbrush but nothing really good yet. Also, everytime I change my tool (for instance, if I switch from the airbrush to the color picker) or my alpha, I lost all my tool settings :/ It's really annoying to set everything again. This is what I'm working on right now: These are Marmoset screenshots. I'm thinking about finishing my Hulk character using only 3DCoat to see how it goes but it would be nice to learn some workarounds in the texture area. Even links from the forum regarding the subject will help. Thanks!!
  12. syunikiso

    Normal Map painting Problem

    Sooo I found a way to get the map right, but I don't know if it make a lot of sense. I usually use Thea Render to render my works, but I'm trying to render my personal character stuff in Cycles. It was a long time since I used Cycles for anything, so I started looking for the approach to work with linear workflow. And what I found is that Cycles automatically linearizes the textures you put in your shaders; wich often times cannot work properly in normal maps. So I switched in the texture input to "non color data" and the problem is gone: However I sitll get the same issues in Marmoset. Is there a way to change the gamma output of generated textures inside 3D Coat?
  13. syunikiso

    Normal Map painting Problem

    Hey Carlos, Yeah, my settings are exactly like that. I tried baking the normals instead of exporting but no luck. I also painted some random stuff in the normals on the other 2 heads but I got the same issues. If the problems occur only on the top of the head I can try to save the model adding hair, but the problem appears on the other seams too, like on the neck area and the back.
  14. syunikiso

    Normal Map painting Problem

    Hi, I tried to do what I had to do even with the artefacts. But then I exported the normal map and rendered in Blender and got this; I've searched in the forum and found similar issues from another users but no solution at all. I tried to invert the green channel, edited the seams in photoshop, checked if I imported the mesh with the Blender normal map preset, checked and unchecked padding and no luck. I've imported the mesh in 3DCoat and imported the normal map in the paint room and the seams appeared; however it doesn't appear in the original file where I am painting the normals. I also tried to set the same scene in marmoset and got the same issue (however the weird "illumination" effect didn't happened). If any of you guys could say anything, anything at all (even if it's something like "yeah, no luck, it's a bug, it will not work at all), please do so because I missed a deadline today and I have 2 more models like this to do and if I can't get it done in 3D-Coat I'll have to look for another solution asap to finish the projects. Thanks in advance!