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  1. vjanomolee

    Unity AppLink

    Why has this not been updated? Now that I am abandoning Substance Painter(because of the Adobe acquisition) I need this to work more than ever. Having a live link from creating in 3D coat and rendering in Unity is super important to me. Any ideas on how we can revive this?
  2. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    +1 +1 +1
  3. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Just for my own sanity, is it safe to assume there will be no mac build of 4.5 beta, and to just expect it when the final release of 4.5 comes out? I mean the beta iteration is so rapid, it seems like the dev in charge of the mac build is just waiting for final release?
  4. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Can I take your programmer out to dinner or something to light a fire under him?
  5. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Heya! I noticed that the GL shaders are finished. Any chance we can get a Mac build soon?
  6. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Awesome! *anxiously awaits Mac build
  7. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    That is VERY helpful thank you.
  8. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Thanks for the quick reply Javis! That makes alot of sense. What are the advantages of creating multiple UV tiles for your mesh within the same UV map? Ive always just used seperate maps if needed.
  9. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Where is a good source for me to understand what these UDIM things are? I know it has to do with UV tiles, would just like a proper explanation of why they are useful and why I should adopt them into my workflow
  10. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    AWESOME!!!! Very much looking forward to teaching 4.5 in my classroom- Anyway for me to get a notification when its available? Or should I just keep checking this thread?
  11. vjanomolee

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    When can we expect the Mac version of 4.5? I use both PC and Mac personally, but when I teach 3D-Coat in my high school classroom its all iMac's. I was hoping to get 4.5 installed on all the machines in my lab before we return from winter break. *fingers crossed
  12. vjanomolee

    shield render

    Excellent work! Quick question, why did you start out the texture in ddo and then go to 3d-coat? Why not just do the whole thing (minus rendering) in 3D-coat?
  13. vjanomolee

    Loading presets

    Is it true that Artman's presets are now included with latest build of 3D coat? Also- does anyone have a big set of brushes and masks they would be willing to share? I see some in official 3D coat tutorials would be nice to have a lot more.
  14. vjanomolee

    Basic 3D design workflow

    Your welcome! I hope to expand upon this much further as an overview of the processes in my classroom. I will post updates to it here once I do.