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  1. iceage

    Sketchbook Journey

    just curious what are you rendering your images in?
  2. iceage

    Marek Mazur experiments

    Even Batman is jealous of your car.
  3. I like 3d coat, blender, and modo all for different reasons. To assume that it is one or the other is kind of ridiculous.
  4. iceage

    [Solved] Curves Menu nor showing up ?

    Thanks i was looking for this too.
  5. I'm very happy with the changes to Blender in 2.8 I really wish they had added more themes, but that is being nit picky about it. Collections are probably one of the coolest features. Everyone mentions hard ops, But I think Fluent is a very good boolean tool to.
  6. watched the video. It was just what I was looking for.
  7. I have modo and really like how mesh fusion works in it.
  8. iceage

    My First SciFi Weapon

    Really like this one
  9. iceage

    Three D Guns 2 challenge

    I posted up an entry for this contest.
  10. iceage

    Modo appLink

    I don't think you can set the way Modo interprets green. I think it has more to do with the open Gl viewport.
  11. iceage

    [Solved] Sculpt layers don't work for me

    Okay that version works for me.
  12. I had 4.8.25 and sculpt layers did not work for me. I downloaded 4.8.32 and sculpt layers still don't work. I made sure that I was using a surface model. Created two layers above layer 0. I named one Test A and the other Test B. I then selected layer A and drew a line. I did the same thing to layer B. When I cut the opacity down to 0 on either layer nothing changed on the model. I then cut each of the layers off and nothing happened. I made a new file started with a surface model and did the same thing. Still it didn't work. Is it broken or am I doing something wrong. layer_test_001.3b
  13. This was very cool to read.
  14. I use Modo and Blender for modeling. Depends on the type of sculpting i will use Blender for some things and 3d coat for more serious stuff. I prefer blender for retoplogy but will use the uv tools in 3d coat way more than any other program.