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  1. I have modo and really like how mesh fusion works in it.
  2. iceage

    My First SciFi Weapon

    Really like this one
  3. iceage

    Three D Guns 2 challenge

    I posted up an entry for this contest.
  4. iceage

    modo AppLink

    I don't think you can set the way Modo interprets green. I think it has more to do with the open Gl viewport.
  5. I had 4.8.25 and sculpt layers did not work for me. I downloaded 4.8.32 and sculpt layers still don't work. I made sure that I was using a surface model. Created two layers above layer 0. I named one Test A and the other Test B. I then selected layer A and drew a line. I did the same thing to layer B. When I cut the opacity down to 0 on either layer nothing changed on the model. I then cut each of the layers off and nothing happened. I made a new file started with a surface model and did the same thing. Still it didn't work. Is it broken or am I doing something wrong. layer_test_001.3b
  6. iceage

    [Solved] Sculpt layers don't work for me

    Okay that version works for me.
  7. iceage

    [Solved] Creating a model library like Tinker Library

    Thanks this helps me out too.
  8. iceage

    3D-Coat vs. ZBrush auto-retopology comparison

    This was very cool to read.
  9. I use Modo and Blender for modeling. Depends on the type of sculpting i will use Blender for some things and 3d coat for more serious stuff. I prefer blender for retoplogy but will use the uv tools in 3d coat way more than any other program.
  10. iceage

    Multiple UV Maps

    Yes it would be really nice if it supported true Udims like Mari.
  11. iceage

    Tinker Pack Question

    So i tried this with both Modo 10.2 and Blender 2.78. I couldn't get it to save the parent child hierarchy of the object and the _negative. Probably something I'm doing wrong or just don't know. When i tried it by creating the scene in 3d Coat 4.7 and then saving the scene as an object it worked fine.
  12. iceage

    Tinker Pack Question

    Okay so i downloaded the tinker pack for models. It seems like they are made of several additive and or subtractive models at the same time. My question is how do you make models like this?
  13. I love the way the final for this one turned out
  14. iceage

    Tinker Pack Question

    Thanks for your answer I always wondered how to do this. I will try it and let you know.
  15. iceage

    Tam's works

    Wanted to say i love some of your stuff. The cities i find really impressive.
  16. i did several of these robot heads, but this was the only one i rendered out. I got tired of working on heads though so I took the the whole human and started making a robot out of it. Thought i would do a quick render. It contains 21 million triangles. Just a guess but probably be pushing around 25 million by the time i get done with the hands.
  17. iceage

    Post-facto 'mirroring'? / symmetry fix?

    Okay i tried this and it just deletes the side im working on. 3d coat 4.7.06 (DX 64)
  18. iceage

    Modeling in Voxels is Fun

    I think you have to accept that if you are going to sculpt things then some models will be easier to make in a sculpt setting and others are more easy to make in a traditional polygon program. Personally i think once you learn the tools you will be good with them no matter what they are. Trust me I'm not that good but have seen some really good work turned out in just about every program.
  19. Well this is where my character is right now. Just got back into working on him. Had to do my day job.
  20. For muti-tasking and because his short legs aren't as good for walking anymore
  21. Gave this guy some stunted legs and longer arms, going to give him a back pack with tentacles coming out of it
  22. I actually have an idea for this one. I was thinking about humans that added on to themselves as their own bodies got more frail. Up till now it seemed like no one else liked this contest idea. I'm so glad to see something besides futuristic soldiers.
  23. Thanks i will have to go watch this one
  24. iceage

    Problem Importing from Modo

    Is it only the FBX. Have you tried using a OBJ file instead to see if you get the same results?
  25. iceage

    Art Station Challenge

    Has anyone looked at the Art Station Challenges. They are currently holding one called The Journey. The goal is to make a scene, vehicle, or character who looks like they are going on a journey or returning from one. They are also holding this years THU challenge http://www.artstation.com/