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  1. Hi, I have a ongoing issue with importing pbr textures into modo on my mac using the pbr Material rig. As I mention in the link below its works perfect in modo on PC but very strangely not on my iMac. I'm getting a black material appearing on Metallic textures. http://community.thefoundry.co.uk/discussion/topic.aspx?mode=Post&f=32&t=109852&p=969341#969341 Javis is kindly helping me with this issue but no success at this time. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? Thanks iMac Processor 2.93 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics ATI Radeon HD 5750 1024 MB
  2. Hi Guys, My trial is coming to a end. My final impression of this software is extremely positive, in fact I love it. I first wanted a painting/texturing tool to compliment modo but after playing around and asking questions here 3DC is definitely a lot more than that to say the least. What was a little frustrating at first was technical side of importing/exporting between 3DC and modo which most of my time of my trial period was spent on researching/ experimenting with different workflows. Minor issues I had mainly occurred in modo after importing image map from 3DC. This involves having to manually adjusting gamma settings, re-adjusting UV projection settings and altering specular settings (spec colour to spec amount etc). The experience within 3DC regards sculpting, texturing and painting is faultless, it took me no time at all to pick up the basics, no steep learning curve. As a hobbyist I'm probably looking at the educational version (at least to start with). Was just wondering if there are other hobbyist out there that soon found this version a limitation. Also love to hear views from anyone coming from ZBrush background , how it compares etc. Also I'm aware of the 2k texture maps and a 7 layer limitation but would this be Texture layers or Voxtree layers, or both? Anyway thanks
  3. Hi, When editing the curve scaling a point does not update instantly. I'm having to move a point for the last scale action to update. (see video) Of course I'm a newbe so is there a setting I'm missing Cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhgECUosBD4&feature=youtu.be
  4. Hi Tony Yes I always tend to uncheck this as interferes with my painting? Why do you ask?
  5. Well it looks like 3DC is doing what its suppose to do. It seems modo 801 is having issues handling image maps exported from 3DC. It no big issue but every so often I'm having to manually specify within modo 801 the projection type/UV map of the Normal Map. Other imported image maps seem set ok? Also Specular maps exported from 3DC sometimes being set as specular colour in the shader tree. In the image above the normal map imported to modo defaulted to cubic projection. As I mentioned in previous posts within modo 801, I'm also having to adjust the gamma setting for texture maps (especially important for Normal maps) to appear correct. Again no big deal but just good to know whats going on. Hope this post helps other modo users trying out 3DC
  6. I am creating a test voxel model and going through the autopo (for per-pixel) process. Everything is great within the paint room. But i'm struggling to find out why my normals are appearing like this inside my 3d app (modo) All other maps Dfiffuse, spec work fine. Just totally confused. On occasions where I have created a tests and the NM come out fine and other similar tests with no changed settings where they appeared corrupted in my 3d app Any info painters would be appreciate
  7. great, thanks So I'm right in thinking when I have completed my voxel model that these are the main approaches for me for working in PerPixel: 1) Manual approach a) autopo/autopo create UV within retopo room c) merge with NM (per-Pixel) from top menu 2) Auto approach a) just selecting autopo/autopo for Per-pixel Also not understanding the manual approach does not create anything in the UV room where as the auto approach creates the UV + model representation in the UV room
  8. Hi, still evaluating 3DC, I'm little confused concerning exporting to my main 3D app (modo). Need a bit more understanding. If I create new model in voxel mode then goto "Autopo/autopo for Per Pixel" process, this I understand creates a auto mesh and auto UV map for me and I see my model in my paint, Retopo and UV room. When I export my obj in modo I see the model in Quads and see the UV map. Great!!! In fact this is the only workflow I know of that seems to work for me I decided to play around with a more manual approach . Again with a new project I create new model in voxel mode as before but this time choose "Autopo/Autopo" Process. I understand this auto creates a mesh but does not create a UV map So I go a head and create a UV map within the Retopo room. (I do a couple of edge loops then Unwrap) First thing first I don't see anything in my UV Room. But I assume I have as I see it in the Retopo room. When I export now I get a horrible triangular meshes in Modo. The only place I don't get triangular mesh is from the Retopo room File/Export Retopo Mesh but then I don't get a UV map in modo So I'm not understanding/missing something here
  9. Hi, After playing around all this morning it seems to be with the gamma setting (linear workspace) of image layer with modo 801. Combined with the inverted green channel of the image layer in modo I seem to get the correct result. The splitting seems hit and miss at the moment, but latest simple models I imported into 3DC seems to behave. Might be to do with making sure that subDiv is on before exporting within modo Thanks for your help, all fun and games!!
  10. Hi, Well forgetting the splitting issue for now, the normal map just seems all wrong. Does the green channel needs inverting before generating the normal in 3DC. Is there a setting for this? If I change invert the green channel of the imported normal map in modo I still experience the same issue
  11. Hi, 1) Within modo I export a lwo file 2) In 3DC I select "Paint over UVed model" and select my lwo file, using these settings 3) As soon as I start paint with depth I get this result Heres my UV in the UV room 4) I export the normal map via "textures/export/ Normal map (TS, low poly mesh), no BG fill 5) within modo the normal map looks like this Not only is the split visible the the uV sections seem to be shaded differently Any pointers would be much appreciated
  12. Seems I have a issue or a misunderstanding regards UVs in 3DC 1) If I import a obj (with UVs) from modo into 3DC I experience splits in the paint room when I use depth in my brush. 2) If I load the sample sphere obj in 3DC I experience no splits but when I export it to modo I get the wide gaps/separation in my normal/displacement maps Any help would be appreciated, I'm still deciding to purchase 3DC
  13. Hiya, I'm very,very new to 3DC and was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. I'm painting away with depth and getting sudden splits appear which I assume are the the UV seams Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi, I'm trying out 3d Coat on my Mac and to cut a long story short I love it, I'm sold. However I'm having a issue purchasing it. I do not entertain a Credit card, I only have a visa Debit card & PayPal. Ideally I would like to use PayPal but I have noticed this payment option has disappeared from this site. I have tried Steam but for some reason there's no OSX version available. Any help would be appreciated Thanks
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