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  1. Here are some ref images that I will be using for the rocket and over all ork look.
  2. Is there a way to select all or just some of the layers in voxtree and move them all at once or no?
  3. I thought about how a ork would want to make a boat fly. I think they would just strap a rocket to the boat with chains and there you go! flying boat. so that is what I did. does it make sense NOPE but that is a ork for you. still have a ton of work. Hope I can get it all done in time. My free trial is up in 22 days lol.
  4. ryaguy1986


    It reminds me of terminator. The first one. I like it
  5. Did some more blocking on the boat. going to do a blimp style to make it look like it is flying. when I get that blocked out I will post. This is fun, loving the program,
  6. This is a starting point. I love the idea of a flying ork ship. It is a small ship. I do not know how to do the top of the flying part. I want it to be thin plastic like a cap. how do I do this in 3d coat. there is a image below that I want it to look like it is the third one.
  7. This is what I was going to show last night but I forgot to post the image. still need to work on how texturing works in this program but so far I love it.
  8. I have been having a problem with the extrude tool. I watched two videos on how to use the tool and every time I try to use it it does not work like it shows in the videos. When I use it i get a extrusion that looks like this. I would like one that looks like this Here is what I have done today. It is nothing great but I is a good start and I am getting use to the program. I come from a Maya background and would like to find a program that I can teach my students at NHTI. This will let them create great looking models and color them along with retoping all in one software. I now have the task of learning it my self so I can teach it to them. Maya is still great for animation and rigging 3d-coat does not have this ( I think it can not do this. I could be wrong and if I am sorry).
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