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  1. Thanks for your reply. So, 1M by layer... so how do I keep working with details, only changing to Surface mode? But then, when I increase or decrease intensity the mesh changes its scale. What would be the best workflow for this?
  2. Hi there, I just bought 3D Coat through Steam these days and I'm loving the software. I'm a ZBrush user and I'm fairly impressed with all features that 3D Coat has to offer. But I have a question regarding performance, while I'm playing around with voxels. When I increase the resolution to 4X it's a little difficult to use the move tool to deform the mesh, while some other bruses appears to work ok (so far). Even at 16x on surface mode (just a bit) isn't so slow as 4x on voxel mode. I'm using the 3D Coat 64 bit Direct X version. My rig: i7 3.8ghz 16gb ddr3 hd 7970 OC Also, when I increase the density through VoxTree, the mesh changes its scale. How does it interfere in textures and maps when exporting to other softwares? Thanks!
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