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  1. Thank you very much @digman! You and @AbnRanger are the true 3D-Coat features.
  2. Great series. The cloth tool is really powerfull. So, I'm thinking on a workflow for my character. 1- Sculpt torso and arms in separate layers 2 - Retopologize each one and later make all the polygons into one layer, conecting them 3 - Use this new retopo layer with the cloth tool in order to create folds 4 - send it back the result to the retopo room and continue with baking and painting. What do you think? @AbnRanger and @digman
  3. 4.7.28 Can't change any settings using the sliders on Render Room, only typing manually.
  4. Thanks, @AbnRanger. A couple of questions regarding this workflow: Is it possible to use a retopo mesh with UVs on the cloth tool? Or is it better to use AUTOPO on the new cloth and then proceed to painting?
  5. The new improvements on Paint Room are wonderfull. Hope to see the same love on Sculpt Room.
  6. Just for reference, I'm working on this guy. Everything is 3D-Coat, except the render and hair.
  7. Yeah, I know. I was trying with some retopo mesh.
  8. I can't not work in Tweak Room. Tried to transform something there once without any sucess. Can't any tutorial on 3D-Coat Youtube Page as well. Do you guys @digman and @AbnRanger have some vídeos for Tweak Room? Also, I will try again store selections.
  9. I will do further tests by the end of the week and will share the results with you. Thanks a lot, guys!
  10. Thanks, @AbnRanger and @digman. At first sight, the save and load selection looked like a good ideia. However, after doing some posing, I tried to reload a selection and this message is shown: "mesh structure was changed and stored selection can't be applied to the mesh"
  11. Thanks, but I don't think it suits my needs though. My arms are already posed but can't lift them without selecting the torso. While the painting conditions are a good thing, for this specific task it does not work.
  12. Yeah, can not delete any paint layer. It seems like 3D-Coat create a new one instead.
  13. Hi there. I have a character on T-Pose and simply want to make his arms rest by the side of his torso. If for some reason I need to change his arms position again, how can I do this? Everything is on the same layer, so there is no way of selecting only his arms without interfering on his chest with the selection. Does anyone have a workflow? Would be nice to be able to select his arms in retopo room and use this selection on sculpt room, for example. Thanks!
  14. Thanks, man. Awesome stuff. I will try it some time. In the next few months need to stay on my pipeline in order to do more work... so no time to learn new software.
  15. Thanks, @AbnRanger I really like the way Modo modelling tools Works. It feels natural. The sculpt brushes used on polygonal modeling feels pretty much like sculpting in 3D-Coat. Cinema 4D does have some polygonal brush capabilities but far, far, behind Modo's. For me it's essential in order to tweak a character or simply adjusting some poses. Does Blender have something like that? I mean, sculpt brushes on polygon level? Some people are trying to sell me into Blender but I'm afraid of the learning curve. Also, do you think Blender can create Motion Graphics?
  16. I use Modo for illustrations and Cinema 4D for Motion. I would like to stay with only one, though. Can't afford buy and update two or three apps, learning all of them, master all of them... Maybe I will try learn Blender and stay with it.
  17. Hey, @Andrew Shpagin, please don't forget to take a look on the problem with the UNDO function while painting depth. I sent you an email about it. Thanks!
  18. I just noticed that the depth problem happens on 4.7.26A as well! Think I will go back to a stable version.
  19. Yeah, again, the UNDO stops working after painting for a while. My last post I said REDO but I meant UNDO. Sorry.
  20. Hi there! At first, my curvature map was correct. Then, later on the texturing process, I decided to calculate it again in order to evaluate the new depth layers. Now, the curvature map have these thin vertical lines all over the textures. Don't know what happened. If it helps, I used Edit Projections in External Editor some time down the pipeline. Same results on 4.7.27 and .26
  21. In 4.7.27, after painting for a while, the UNDO function stops to working (at least while painting depth).
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