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  1. Hi there.

    I have a character on T-Pose and simply want to make his arms rest by the side of his torso. If for some reason I need to change his arms position again, how can I do this? Everything is on the same layer, so there is no way of selecting only his arms without interfering on his chest with the selection.

    Does anyone have a workflow?

    Would be nice to be able to select his arms in retopo room and use this selection on sculpt room, for example.


  2. 58 minutes ago, AbnRanger said:

    Yes, Blender has some fairly good sculpting tools (but neither Modo nor Blender's sculpting tools match 3D Coat's or ZBrush's). For Modeling, you should check out Blender's BoolTools, which gives you simple MeshFusion like interactive Boolean operations. Then there are the inexpensive addons like HardOps, BoxCutter and DecalMachine...they are just incredible. No need to spend $400-$600 for yearly maintenance to see updates. As for Motion Graphics, one of the tools that comes to mind is Animation Nodes:


    Thanks, man. Awesome stuff. I will try it some time. In the next few months need to stay on my pipeline in order to do more work... so no time to learn new software.

  3. Thanks, @AbnRanger

    I really like the way Modo modelling tools Works. It feels natural. The sculpt brushes used on polygonal modeling feels pretty much like sculpting in 3D-Coat. Cinema 4D does have some polygonal brush capabilities but far, far, behind Modo's. For me it's essential in order to tweak a character or simply adjusting some poses.

    Does Blender have something like that? I mean, sculpt brushes on polygon level?

    Some people are trying to sell me into Blender but I'm afraid of the learning curve. Also, do you think Blender can create Motion Graphics?

  4. Hi there! At first, my curvature map was correct. Then, later on the texturing process, I decided to calculate it again in order to evaluate the new depth layers.

    Now, the curvature map have these thin vertical lines all over the textures. :( 

    Don't know what happened. If it helps, I used Edit Projections in External Editor some time down the pipeline. Same results on 4.7.27 and .26

    2017-05-04 (3).jpg

  5. Hey, @Tony Nemo, thanks for the input. I was thinking first on an "automatic" way to create the inward "folds" (in the lack of better word). That's way I was trying exporting some Y-Depth.

    Guess I will have to try the manual way tough. :P


    Do you or anyone knows why my exported normal map from the export Y-Depth workflow seems broken? As you can see, I'm using my normal map with Stencils. While the preview seems good, When I paint it's like half of the normal map is broken or inverted or something.  




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