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  1. This need to happen ASAP. I need to create some noises on Fractal Noise inside After Effects, then do some sort of trick to turn it tileable, and then use it on 3D-Coat. Painting with Smart Materials would be really on par with Substance Painter with procedural noises.
  2. Would be great to have some diferentt noises as well. Also, what about some default noises to use on the masks of smart material editor? Thanks!
  3. A few more images to illustrate the process. Everything was sculpted and painted on 3D-Coat. Some UV on Modo, a lot of auto-unwrap on 3D-Coat. The posing and final render are on Modo. It was a great Project and I learned a lot.
  4. Some friends asked me about a making of regarding my entry, Number 28, using 3D-Coat and Modo. I will share here a link for those who may be interested. It is portuguese only, sorry. Link: https://goo.gl/Zi38s9 Hope you like it!
  5. Are you using Per Pxel Painting os Vextex Painting?
  6. +1. Please, do it. Lets send e-mail to support (if it helps).
  7. Hi there. Would be great to have a way (unless I'm missing something) to make layers inside Smart Material Editor only with selected channels. The same way that we can paint with brushes selecting (or not) Color, Depth or Gloss we should be able to do the same way under the Editor. I know we can simply set Gloss, Metalness and Depth to 0%, but what about color? It seems that every layer is linked to a color channel. And of course, blend modes to increase the creation options.
  8. +1 Already talked about this on the Beta thread (regarding Modo).
  9. The UI on Painter is like a jigsaw. The smartmaterials are great but the overall workflow is so clanky. But I feel their smart materials does have better resolution and more "realism" though. Also, they really have more marketing efforts.
  10. Thanks, man! Hope to see your entry soon! Cheers.
  11. I uploaded a slightly different image for the contest instead of the real official image... which is this one. Can't edit the post anymore and I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but will post again. Just a little less sharpness.
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