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  1. Hey there. Welcome aboard. :)


    These presets ship standard with 3DC now, so you will have them already with the installer. FWIW, I use quite a few of them each time I sculpt. They are really great!


    Thanks for your response and I'm very glad to be aboard 3D Coat's ship. :)

    But I guess that I'm doing some sort of newbie error. I can not find the artman's preset anywhere, even on the presets tool through windows > popup. When I manually installed the preset on the 4.1.12 version, they were very few compared to what I was using on my Steam version. Any tips? Thanks.


  2. Hi there, I'm trying to figure out how to bake, painting and export from 3D Coat. I'm a new user, with a few days using 3D Coat, and while I guess that I figured out a lot there is still some holes in the learning process.
    For example, right now I'm trying to work with Per Pixel Painting, exporting normals and so on, so I have a couple of questions about this:

    1) When I try to export displacement from my PPP process, it only exports the depth changes made while painting, not the entire mesh deformation. Why?

    2) My normals seems weird when I import them inside MODO 801. As you can see from the images, the second one (MODO) seems to be inverted compared to the viewport on 3D Coat.





    3) and a vertex painting question: is it correct to subdivide my mesh to use displacement maps in Modo? only this way I can get proper displacement (and rising up the displacement settings in modo - maybe a scene scale issue?).


    Thanks! :)

  3. For not creating a new ttopic, let me ask you something as a new 3D Coat user.

    I don't get exactly why do we need to paint depth on the Paint Room. If all the details are already sculpted on the Voxel Room, why bother with depth again?

  4. voxel is good for Boolean blocking operations


    try not to surpass 1M by layer

    Thanks for your reply. So, 1M by layer... so how do I keep working with details, only changing to Surface mode? But then, when I increase or decrease intensity the mesh changes its scale. What would be the best workflow for this?


  5. Hi there, I just bought 3D Coat through Steam these days and I'm loving the software. I'm a ZBrush user and I'm fairly impressed with all features that 3D Coat has to offer.

    But I have a question regarding performance, while I'm playing around with voxels. When I increase the resolution to 4X it's a little difficult to use the move tool to deform the mesh, while some other bruses appears to work ok (so far).
    Even at 16x on surface mode (just a bit) isn't so slow as 4x on voxel mode.

    I'm using the 3D Coat 64 bit Direct X version.

    My rig:
    i7 3.8ghz
    16gb ddr3
    hd 7970 OC

    Also, when I increase the density through VoxTree, the mesh changes its scale. How does it interfere in textures and maps when exporting to other softwares?


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