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  1. Doh! Yeah, I was applying symmetry in 3DCoat. After applying the symmetry, I guess symmetry was still on, causing some rendering issues or something. Simply turning off symmetry AFTER applying made everything perfect. Cheers!
  2. Hello! Playing around with 3d coat for the first time, I've created a face in zbrush, and now I'm looking to retopo and uv it. I've managed to finish the retopo version (the retopo tools were VERY nice to work with) with x symmetry turned on, it looks something like this: Here's the part I'm unsure of. I'd like to "commit" to the symmetry, and have one full mesh. (Similar to doing a duplicate of the half, mirror, and merge in other 3d apps). I tried out hitting the "Symmetry" button, which gives me these results, as you can see some of the edges along the symmetry line are no longer visible: With the UV Mark seams too, I can highlight edges that should be there, but no visual feedback indicates I've selected anything. Selecting the edges I can see turn green. What am I doing wrong? Thanks