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    [Bug] no brush, no layer pick with "h" key

    hi i reinstalled Windows ,have newest driver´s. Scene scale is way off i think x-shift -6.71 , y-shift -3.20 , z-shift -2.16 SceneScale 13.83 i set it to x0, y0, z0, Scenecale 1,save to new file but the Problem is still there. i attached the file, Maybe something is wrong with my pc. traum.3b
  2. bigrip

    [Bug] no brush, no layer pick with "h" key

    i have all models made in 3d coat no import my save files are not on the the same hdd where 3d coat is installed
  3. bigrip

    [Bug] no brush, no layer pick with "h" key

    i have it ,its not the models when i open my File with / File - open recent /, the problem is here when i do / File - open / there is no problem
  4. bigrip

    [Bug] no brush, no layer pick with "h" key

    ok i found out when i delete the "3D-CoatV48" folder in the documents folder it works but when i copy my selfmade models back in the Documents\3D-CoatV48\VoxStamps\Objects folder the problem is back
  5. hi when i open my file i can do nothing, i only have the normal Windows mousepointer no brush and i can not pick a layer with the H key. i use version 4.8.20 (dx64) steam version . i try the opengl version and the non steam version too. i try version 4.8.25 with the same problem. when i presss the left mouse button over my mesh the ("pick point" see the picture") i think it´s always on 0.0.0 position. only if i use the cut off tool ,cut a hole in the mesh and undo, then i see my brush and all is working normal.
  6. hi Select an island in the 3d view - we need a better tool for select islands, find that invisible magic spot in the middle of a polygon makes me always angry., and i unwated mark seams. copy and paste uv´s - for me its the best feature of the uv room , but after some paste´s the uv are flipped ,but that is not the problem if i want to select the island in the 2d view or 3d view, the pasted island are all selected unable to seperate one island from the stack. visual - when i hover with the mouse over a edge , the color change is hard to see ,with the small dot mouse pointer i am often lost and i must search the mouse cursor. best regards bigrip
  7. ok i have reinstalled my pc,but the problem is still there I try it on another pc and have the same problem. here is another example, a plane i made and unwrap in blender . i cannot paint in the gray area. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By7AjrucVZNiOTBwa3VSR0ZSZGM/view?usp=sharing
  8. here is the link i hope it works. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0By7AjrucVZNiVTlfRE9mdy1HQk0&usp=sharing
  9. yes but the file is to big 43mb for upload here.
  10. i have tried to dock the window on various places, in all models the problem is there.
  11. in the texture editor I can paint only in the upper left quarter. The brush "cursor" stops on same positions,but i can paint with invisible brush until i release the mouse button. In the 3d window, it goes without problems. i use version 4.1.17D
  12. bigrip

    V4.1 BETA (experimental 4.1.17D)

    i have the 4.1 stable Version and undo takes 10+ sec (surface mode 11 mil tris)