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  1. Equiso

    3DCoat 4.7 (BETA testing thread)

    Sometimes I missed a second undocked view to be able to edit there, while having the second view as a reference. Or a quad view. This might be cool for drafting hardsurface.
  2. Equiso

    PBR Material does not show correctly

    I was going to post this issue too. Its more like it exagerate all the "bumping" already existing. Saying this, the example shown seems that the mesh texture is very low res.
  3. Equiso

    modo AppLink

    +1, thnx bma japan. However, the exchanger fail exporting several uv sets
  4. Equiso

    modo AppLink

    Thanks dude, I'll try that as soon as i finish a project - deadlines u.u- However, as you point in the beta topic, i think it's an obj issue from Modo side. I think it's a seneca or farfarer plugin that let you export from the item tab. That obj exporter works fine with the uv set issue.
  5. Equiso

    modo AppLink

    From modo 10 to 3dcoat it failed to export more than 1 uv set.
  6. Equiso

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I'll try to lighten the scene and textures and send it to that mail address to help reproduce it and know what's happening
  7. Equiso

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I've tried to use the clone tool at .37 and .28 on the texture editor. Seem to be broken
  8. Equiso

    3DCoat features you would like to see resolved

    Referenced fbx import. Sometimes, having this will make things so much easier. Example, Exporting an "exploded morphed" mesh, bake, export unmorphed. Done The good thing about this, would be having several fbx. Marmoset, Max, Modo have this so i thing this may help to have a cleaner pipeline.
  9. Equiso

    3DCoat features you would like to see resolved

    Trackball rotation a la Modo. Once you get used to it, there is no way back. Also, the smart material preview tends to reopen too much often. It can be frustrating to be closing it every time it's pop up. A fill by connected and some basic loop selection for masking would be very welcome.
  10. Equiso

    Sub Pod - Atlantis-

    Thnx for the feedback! It's actually a submarine . Inspired on some concepts of the disney film Atlantis. I don't have a realtime version yet. But i'll try marmoset for this. Sketchfab needs a better antiallising .
  11. Equiso

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Just Tested the new pbr functions. I loved it, it simplifies a lot working a shading - in less than 10 minutes i had my materials setted up in cycles with jst minor tweaks : O! - feedback: - When Painting "pbr" With brush and switch to fill. The smart material preview stays minimized. However, if you switch from fill to brush it resets and open again. It should only open when you activete the whole "pbr painting" thing. Having to minimize it all the time can be annoying sometimes. - Being able to rotate environment trough horizontal axe. Currently we can only do it on the vertical one. Most of the time it's ok, but in some models, like a hammer or an airplane that rotates a lot it's important to check how the material will behave in diferent situations. - For materials that are not for an engine, sometimes it's better to tile textures and mix shader layers with a mask texture. Is it posible to bake each layer of a smart material into square textures to tile and be used on an coated material? the workflow seems perfect for videogames, but it doesn't seem to totally integrate for rendering. - This one is just personal preference, can be ignored but people from modo and blender will appreciate.Trackball/ orbit rotation. Seems a little thing, but some times i miss that so much! Thanx and continue with the good job!
  12. Equiso


  13. Equiso

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    It could sound random , but, could you try to disconnect your wacom and try it with mouse? I ve seen something like that at a coworker with max and 3d coat didn't work very well neither. Some config problem with wacom and windows 8.
  14. Hi there! I'm a happy 3d-Coat user for a year now. Just realised that i had never posted any of my work. Very bad thing, so, time to break that! I'll try to be more active on forums from now. I believe this is an important part of the cgworld i was completely missing. Here is a Wip of the project i'm working . Based on a concept from "Boris_Bakliza" https://m1.behance.net/rendition/modules/75738371/disp/eac8340d74369155d3a9b0cf1e8dcae5.jpg Still a lot of texture left . I'm testing Ptex for it, -The dead fox is blocked, however i don't know if i will use fur or geometry. Some experiments of that will be showned soon. And props will be made once I posed her in blender. -She is lacking ears, as the fox hide them completely. Thanx for watching!