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  1. If you've modeled something with Symmetry OFF, and now you need it duplicated (there's probably my answer) across the X axis, how does one go about doing that? Tnx.
  2. Anyone got links to a comprehensive overview of the voxtree panel? I'm sure there's some basic stuff in there I'm missing that would make my life easier, and make 3DC more understandable to me. Thanks. (It's like: you COULD show users a lot of stuff in Photoshop without covering the Layers panel, but you'd truly be shortchanging them from a lot of power, and basic graphic concepts if you ignored it.)
  3. jeric_synergy

    Resetting/initializing primitives?

    Noob: After using the "freeform cube" primitive and mucking about w/the vertices, when I go back to the tool it retains the alterations. I figured the multiple RESETS in the tool dialog would reset it to the default state, but they did not. How does one initialize the freeform cube shape??
  4. jeric_synergy

    Resetting/initializing primitives?

    Correct, it is NOT working.
  5. Is there any method to output the HOTKEY definitions to a text list? Also, why is numpad 3 apparently not used in the default config?
  6. jeric_synergy

    Online dox= useless

    I find the online "dox" poor, next to useless. I'm not sure what they are supposed to accomplish, but they rarely lead me to what I'm trying to find. Just sayin'. My feeling is they are too "diffuse", and would benefit from a more Wikipedia-like format, which gives you more information in a smaller space.
  7. jeric_synergy

    Print out a list of hotkeys/ numpad 3?

    Thank you! Very good info, and I see a bunch of other XML that probably need examining. The only thing is: the XML file is pretty verbose/awkward. Maybe I can make a script that would reformat the list into something more user-friendly.
  8. jeric_synergy

    Adjusting free-form cube primitive

    noob: I'm more used to polygonal modelers , so still struggling w/basic stuff. I'd like to make a rectangular solid, but with one edge (the topmost) in a semicircle. This is exclusively to use as a Boolean subtraction layer to cut away material from the main body of the mesh I'm working on. I can't seem to figure out how to select, eg, all the top middle nodes of the freeform Cube (in 3x3 mode). Thanks +++++++ As often is the case, just typing that out showed me the issue: select the EDGES (in the middle) rather than the points. Umm, thanks?
  9. I saw somewhere that it is possible to perform Boolean operations on Volume layers, but haven't been able to discover how. 1) Is this possible? 2) What is the procedure? Specifically, how is Boolean SUBTRACT performed between layers? Tnx! +++ EDIT: I found the function (don't know why RMB on layer name didn't show it up b4, I did try), but the actual subtraction is resulting in some sort of disk caching where the target, subtracted FROM layer is downsampled and converted to a Surface layer??? WUWT?
  10. jeric_synergy

    noob: Moving separate voxel objects in same layer?

    Thank you. That video is very educational! I wound up using the POSE tool. Huzzah!
  11. I like to mark the positive Z axis w/some random geometry to help me align myself in 3d space, but I ran into a(n embarrassing) noobie prob: So, I added a cube to my object, but I added it a little further down the Z axis than intended. Now I simply want to move the entire cube closer to the main work, but am at a loss as to which tool is the best to use: (voxel) Move always seems to leave some annoying bits behind, while Transform attempts to move the entire layer. I'm used to working with a polygonal modeler, and this is entirely foreign to me, to not be able to simply lasso a part and move with impunity, ALTHOUGH FOR ALL I KNOW IT"S PERFECTLY DO-ABLE and I just don't know the proper tool yet. Hence this post. THANKS for any assistance.
  12. I haven't yet encountered a WELL STRUCTURED into to 3d Coat: everything is very scattered. I'm very pleased with the power of the program, but the documentation/tutorials leave a bit to be desired, and the layout of the program itself is rather cluttered.
  13. jeric_synergy

    Primitives Laboratory from Tinker

    When you INSTALL EXTENSION, it recommends restarting. But I got like 12 downloads to install. Can I wait 'til the end to relaunch???
  14. jeric_synergy

    3DC training-- sale 'til Monday

    I'm not a representative of Liberty3D, nor compensated by them, just a satisfied customer: They're having a heck of a sale 'til Monday, 25% off on everything, and I took this opportunity to purchase the huge bundle of 3dCoat tutorials. They are absolute beginner level tutes, so take a look-- it's ~21 packages all in one bundle, plus some DLC to top it off. While I've never experienced this particular presenter, I've been very satisfied with other L3D training products in the past, so I'm taking the chance. Trying to learn 3dC in an unstructured way, just through the various tutes available on the interwarbs hasn't been working for me, so I thought I'd try something more structured. http://www.liberty3d.com/store/training/3d-coat-training/ Sale code is on the home page.
  15. 1) Is it correct that I can use 3DCoat on multiple machines, just not simultaneously? My (pitiful) laptop, which used to grudgingly run it, seems not to want to anymore, although my home system works fine. 2) Mostly I'd just like to have the HELP on the laptop so I can study the dox -- I don't really relish trying to use such a hardcore app on this wimpy machine. Is there a file (pdf?) that I can simply copy to my laptop to reference? Thanks all!
  16. Doing the rat tutorial with the smallest voxel sphere, when I add the neck and use SMOOTH, it erases the 'snake' immediately, unless the 'Smoothing' parameter is dropped to 1%. Since it defaults to 100%, I'm wondering why it is so strong? And: is it possible to set a default? I'm almost sure I'll never use it at 100%, and I sure don't want to reset it every session.
  17. jeric_synergy

    Tool order: scheme??

    Is there an ORDER to the tool buttons? They seem pretty random, and it's slowing down my learning curve.
  18. I just updated my 3dC to the latest from 4.1.19(?), and now the MOVE tool seems to be erasing my object instead of Moving bits. ALSO, if from the welcome screen I chose VOXEL SCULPTING and choose any of the spheres, nothing shows, although cubes, cylinders and the various figures show up fine. (Possible scripting corruption???) Any help on the MOVE tool appreciated.
  19. jeric_synergy

    Following Rat tutes: Sphere tool right click?

    Thanks, but isn't he using the Snakes tool there?
  20. In the "Rat" tutorials, pt1, the teacher RIGHT CLICKS on the top of the neck w/SPHERE selected, then moves on to LEFT CLICK to draw out the sphere. I'm not understanding in 4.1.17 what the function of the RClick is, since it brings up a menu at the cursor. Was this function changed since the tutorial was made? +++ As a new user, the mixing of VERBS and OBJECTS in the menus I find quite confusing: why SPHERE is in the same menu as SMOOTH seems very unintuitive.
  21. jeric_synergy

    Classic noob move: inadvertantly hiding toolbar

    Thanks AbnRanger, I just managed to find that just b4 you posted. Since it was on the 'seam' between my 2 monitors it was especially difficult to percieve. Thanks for your help-- I'm just noobin' it up out here.....
  22. In classic noob fashion I managed to vanish the Sculpt toolbar. I was trying to switch it to TEXT ONLY (ala' Lightwave) but I must have hit the close button instead. Now I can't find how to make it come back. IOW, "d'oh!"
  23. jeric_synergy

    Introduce yourself!

    Longtime LightWave user here! LW forum members will recognize my overuse of formatting controls. My first couple noobie questions!!: How does one turn off the IMAGES in the buttons? In the "Rat From Scratch" tutorial videos I note the UI has a blessed lack of images (like LW) in the buttons, making for a compact UI. I'd prefer that. Is there a compiled document for 3dCoat hotkeys? That'd be immensely helpful. Thanks and I gotta say, the power apparent in this application is amazing, and I've heard nothing but good reports from other users about the responsiveness and innovation of the producer. Very much looking forward to using 3dCoat! jeric_synergy