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  1. Quizzicall

    Quick UV question

    More or less what I was askin for thanks.
  2. Quizzicall

    Quick UV question

    I want to make sure but I noticed that when messing with the UV. I noticed in the preview and overall that there is coloring of red white and blue. So I gotta ask but are thes "Stretching" indicators or something? Thanks
  3. Quizzicall

    Texture width/height

    Then I think it was from downloading the beta since it turned to education when I installed it. Thanks
  4. Quizzicall

    Texture width/height

    Started to get into the UV section and after getting some practice and I got to know it more. I began to notice that the Texture quality when you try and start a UV from scratch that the hieght and width Quality of 4096 and up are *Disable*. Is this because my comp doesn't have enough power in an area or something else? Thanks
  5. Quizzicall

    The redoing of the meshing

    I was just wondering what is the best and easiest way to lower the poly count? I know there is the Resample and the whole thing with Surface mode but like I said what is the best way to do it?
  6. Quizzicall

    The detailing of a model

    I tried to look at those a while ago and To let ya know that having ADHD and Slow Tutorials don't really mix. I don't really think about it till now but I should have shown some work I did. A thing to know is I learn fast Like when I first jumped into 3dCoat I finished my model on the first day and used no Tutorials whatsoever. But I wanted to learn more details so that I could improve on my current model that I'm working on.BTW this is like my 3th model
  7. Quizzicall

    The detailing of a model

    Hello I've been using 3D coat for a while and have been self teaching myself because truthfully I don't like the tutorials being about the tools separately and stuff. Right now I basically have the basics down so I can make just about the model I want to make. Although the problem is that I'm at the end of the road of self teaching and onto the road of having someone help me with the more detailed stuff like Mouth cavities, a bit into realism painting, some more detailed and crisp lines for stuff like wrinkles and etc. So what I'm asking is there someone who could let me watch them make a model so I can see how the tools come together to make a brilliant model and say what each brush could be helpful for while working. Think of it as your working on your modeling but just commentating while you work is all I'm asking. Thanks Quizzicall