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  1. metrons

    VR support yet?

    I asked about VR support almost 2 years ago now. I check in every month or so to see if there are new updates for 3dcoat with VR support. Still nothing. Using Oculus Medium is killing me knowing 3dcoat has all of these tools and WAY WAY WAY more, just no vr support...please tell me this is coming soon. . . . . LOVE 3d coat!
  2. I got Oculus specifically for Oculus Medium...it's change my life. i use it ALL the time at work now. It's great but...it's not 3d coat. VR+3d coat would be ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Please tell me this is in the works. It's insanely fast sculpting in true 3d, i can only imagine sculpting with all the insanely great tools in 3d coat. PLEASE tell me this is happening. Cheers.
  3. in 4.7.24 i am noticing this issue. If i use the 'cut off' tool with the vertex lasso (as an example) if i hold shift to draw out straight lines, i can no longer draw and click with shift held down to click a point down UNLESS its on top of a mesh. i'm 99.99% positive 3dcoat doesn't normally work this way. you should be able to draw and shift click off your mesh and it would add points to cut. this doesn't seem to be working correctly. i'm having to do a lot of work arounds atm.
  4. metrons

    Brush Packs

    much appreciated. cheers
  5. hmmm...if its an old preference? any ideas how i delete this? i dont get why its not working here at work?
  6. So. I tried this at work yesterday, were using Windows 7, I came home and tried this using Windows 10 and it worked fine. Guessing this is a bug? Anyone else confirm this doesn't work correctly on Windows 7?
  7. hey carlosan. I'm trying 4.7.06 and i also tried .07 and it still only cuts. i tried the Spacebar Split originally, i just tried the Left Panel split and its still acting only as a cut off tool? this has to be a bug then because its definitely not splitting?
  8. i'm trying to separate some fangs from this insects face and when i use the split its acing like Cut Off tool instead. split isn't septerating my selection? this doesn't seem correct to me? works fine in voxel mode, not surface?
  9. metrons

    noisy mesh after importing into zbrush?

    i think i found the issues, i converted to Voxels and switched back and i think that messes it up? that i understand.
  10. thanks stusutcliffe. yeah, thast my problem too, i LOVE sculpting with the pbr but i'm constantly having to move my light. this is why i was hoping we could lock it to the camera. i think i'll request this as a feature maybe?
  11. doesn't that just lock the env image? i want the image to rotate with the camera.
  12. Every single time i export an object from 3dcoat and open in zbrush, the model has a lot of fine noise on it? something in exporting is adding all this grain to my models? anyone else have this? whats causing this? this has to be a bug i'm guessing?
  13. Say i've added my hdri image for the sculpt room, ive got my light where i want it, i rotate around my model and the back is all dark. so i have to rotate my image to where my camera is now. Can we lock the image so it rotates with the camera? i think this could be very useful as i have a huge library of images and ive yet to find one that is perfect for all camera angles. cheers
  14. metrons

    Something wrong with 3d coat clay brush?

    that makes sense ranger. i'll try and get a video together this week and PM him i guess? i agree, showing is always way easier to describe something like this. cheers
  15. metrons

    Something wrong with 3d coat clay brush?

    i agree. I am hoping the brushes get some work, i am bummed about some of the sculpting brushes because i know what brushes are in zbrush and how they work. they have a very natural feel to them, they behave how you'd imagine the tool would behave. it just feels right when sculpting. in 3d coat some of the brushes just feel awkward. i'm a lead character artist, i've done a lot of sculpting in my life and 3dcoat just feels funky with some of its brushes. i LOVE 3d coat though. i love the shit out of this program. i just wish the sculpting tools could have a polish pass. the trim dynamic brush in zbrush...amazing, i got similar results in 3dcoat. its just not the same though.