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  1. MartianGirl

    Missing maps?

    Thank you Carlosan, that is very kind of you. I have pm'd you.
  2. MartianGirl

    Missing maps?

    Ahhh, thanks Carlosan I am re fiddling with the uv set and will try again. Thanks so much for the speedy replies.
  3. MartianGirl

    Missing maps?

    Hi Carlosan, Thanks for replying, I can't find that anymore? I am in the retopo room and I am in mark seams but I can't find the apply uv set option.
  4. MartianGirl

    Missing maps?

    Hi again everyone, So sorry to keep posting my newbie questions. I have been scouring the forums for answers,but can't seem to find the answer I need. I have been testing the baking, even though I have followed the amazing advice from Abranger and lots of videos on you tube, I can't seem to make it work. I am clearly missing a step somewhere. I have my High Poly model and my Low Poly retopo all named and on layers. The Uv seams all done, the uvs packed the way I need them. I have to bake parts separately. After baking a part, I go to the paint room and there is nothing in the texture editor. I turn off the vox tree and there is no lowpoly model with any baked goodies on it. Am, I missing a simple step? All help, very much appreciated.
  5. MartianGirl

    [Solved] Naming and moving Layers vox tree in Retopo Room

    Thank you Tony Nemo.:)
  6. Hi, I have been looking around for an answer on the forums, but can't seem to find what I am looking for. I have my Hp model and my Lp model in the retopo room. I have sorted the seems and I am trying to organise the Hp models layers in the vox tree to align up with my layers on my retopo model so I can then try out baking. I have grouped things together on my retopo layers and named them: Lp Body (etc) my body on that layer consists of several retopo objects. I need to get the layers in the vox tree layer to correspond. I have tried my renaming a layer, then finding the next layer that needs to be in there by merging/move to, however sometimes it has said boolean failed. Am I doing this wrong? I don't fully understand which process I am supposed to be using? Do I have to name a layer- make it a parent , then move the layer to go underneath it? I am confused. All my vot tree layers have the letter S on them. Any advice much appreciated, thank you..:)
  7. MartianGirl

    Normals inverted on part of my mesh

    Thanks Carlosan and Digman, I think I will need to go back out and bring the mesh back in again after fiddling with it in Zbrush. Thanks for the info and speedy replies. I very much appreciate it. Kindest Regards
  8. Hi, Still new to 3d coat, finding my feet. I have imported in a high poly model -retopoed it and I have noticed that part of the high poly mesh has inverted the normals. I didn't notice this until I tried to bake (again, still new and finding my feet). Is there a way to select part of the mesh and flip the normals, I can't seem to do it. My High poly object is in the paint object layers. I have hidden everything else, but I can't work out how to select parts on the high poly model. Do I need to be in another room? Thank you in advance, all advice greatly appreciated.
  9. MartianGirl

    Newbie UV question

    Hi AbnRanger, So I can go through each part and readjust and bake separately or bake by naming. I think I would need to use bake by naming, as I need all the uvs on one map for all the different parts. Am I right or is there a step I need to do after this to get everything on one map? Thanks again for the video, I found it really helpful.:)
  10. MartianGirl

    Newbie UV question

    Hi AbnRanger, Thank you so much for the speedy reply. I will take a look at the video, I hadn't even considered the snapping properly. Thank you.:)
  11. MartianGirl

    Newbie UV question

    Hi everyone, I have taught myself how to use 3d packages, and I have been making models for games, but as I am self taught I am not sure I am doing it correctly.I see other peoples uv/normal maps and they all look fabulously clean etc. Mine have all sorts of stuff going on. I have looked at my workflow, tried and tested lots of different variants but they always look rubbish. I do freelance work for a local company and they seem to be of the opinion its okay, but I feel like its the blind leading the blind.As I have only done work for them, I am not sure another employer would see it that way. My workflow : High Poly model in Zbrush 3Dcoat to retopo and uv Substance painter for baking and painting. (Client wants me to bake and paint in sub painter) I get nasty projection issues in sub painter- I have just been in 3Dcoat and done the lowpoly naming and also fiddled with the uv map padding /spacing but I still get issues. My Character is wearing lots of armour and when I zoom in I can see lots of artifacting and I know its because everything is so close together. How do I get a clean projection? Is there something I am missing in 3Dcoat or my process? Any advice /help would be gratefully appreciated and hopefullyI will be able to work for more than one client.:) Here is my normal map at last bake Thank you in advance. Test-bake uv33.jp2
  12. MartianGirl

    Retopo Room

    Ahh thank you Carlosan, I will try that .:) Many thanks.
  13. MartianGirl


    Thank you Digman.
  14. Sorry this is an uber late reply, but thank you Carlosan.:) Didn't have my notifications set up.
  15. MartianGirl

    Retopo Room

    Hi Everyone, Newbie question: I had been retopoing my high poly model and realised I needed to import a newer version of my model (All the same scale etc) is there anyway to import my new model into the retopo room whilst saving retopo layers? All the best Martian Girl