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  1. Could you add support for stylus tilt/rotation/fingerwheel1? I'm using a cintiq and I'm also using brush alphas that are line-shaped and I'd like to be able to rotate them just by rotating the pen and not having to stop what I'm doing and adjust the rotation manually with a hotkey or adjusting the brush options. Also, this would let me adjust rotation in mid-stroke. To better illustrate the possibilities of exposing brush parameters to the tablet input, this is what I can do after hacking my wacom driver in a 2D painting program and mapping brush size to a footpedal, using my space navigator to spin the brush and brush smoothing to a second pedal. I'm manually adjusting brush size, smoothing, rotation and opacity (a total of 4 separate parameters) in mid-brushstroke. More realtime-adjustable, stylus-controlled parameters means I get to spend more time painting and less time tweaking settings.
  2. I'm using 4.7.24 (steam version) EDIT: Installed 4.7.26 and the bug is still there.
  3. Steps to repro: Start a new scene in Voxel Mode Add a cube primitive (don't forget to Apply it) Select the Build Tool and assign it to a hotkey (I used F8) Select the Pose Tool and assign it to a hotkey (I STACKED it on F8) Hit F8 a couple times to rapidly toggle between these two tools. Crash occurs during the toggle.
  4. Pretty simple, just requesting an option to make it so that my 3Dconnexion space navigator won't tilt or spin the view when I toggle the viewport's Orthographic mode. Maybe add one more checkbox to make it also disable 3D mouse roll in orthographic mode. (in effect, this will disable ALL 3D mouse rotation when orthographic view mode is enabled.)
  5. le_mec

    Leap Motion - The future .....

    TIME FOR SUPER NECROOOOOOO Well, it's 2017 and the LEAP motion software has been upgraded to something called ORION, which makes the tracking a lot more accurate. But I wouldn't use it for modelling. What I WOULD use it for, is VIEW CONTROL. Here's my suggestion for how it might work: With your dominant hand, you hold your stylus/mouse over your model which is telling 3Dcoat (via a hitscan) where the "grasp point" is. Then with your off-hand, you make a "pinch" or a "closed fist" gesture to grasp the object. Once the object has been grasped, move and rotate your hand to revolve and move the view around the grasp point in the same manner that you might use a 3D mouse (like the 3dconnexion space navigators that 3D-coat supports) Except that instead of acting like a joystick that smoothly moves you at a rate based on how hard you push the controller, it acts as though you're floating in zero-gravity and have grabbed an anchor point in space with your hand. So when you move your hand, your hand doesn't move, but the rest of you does.
  6. This is probably going to be a difficult one to implement, and something of an edge case but maybe it'll catch on with the people here, so here goes. Like many other new users, I'm coming to 3DCoat from a 2D painting program. Unlike others, I've hacked my WACOM driver (stubbed the DLL) and I can now use footpedals (by using an autohotkey script that can map MIDI input to a virtual joystick) to control things like brush diameter and smoothing. TL;DR / TL;DW: Can we get joystick axis/midi channel mapping for brush parameters?