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  1. Hi Pilgway and others! 3D-Coat v4.0.13 had interesting feature that allow to work with several materials at once much smoother than in newest versions. In 4.0.13 when texture been imported via textures->import->diffuse map it was place texture into selected layer whatever type it is. it was allow to stack all different uv-sets at one layer and keep all typical layers in single one (sorry for abracadabra)). In newest versions imported texture creaets new layer. So if I have 10 meshes I have 10 diffusemap layers, 10 normal map layers and so on. -messy. Is it possible to add that "stacking layers" feature in further versions? Please!
  2. feddark

    Multiple UVsets Normals seams

    Yep! normals looks correctly, but seams... damn it! after opening 3b file seams appeared! take a look at the difference
  3. Hi! In per pixel painting I use several UV sets and there is some inconvenience in tech nuances. I have 5 meshes, 5 normal maps, I import all the meshes separately with their own UVsets. then I start importing normal maps. If I import them separately they looks correctly, but I no need a bunch of layers with same name "Normalmap" it makes workflow little messy so i'd like to optimize this bunch and there are 2+ ways to do that: 1st one is to import other normal maps into the same layer, I did this in early version of 3dc, but 4.5.16 has issue about it. 2nd way is place all normal maps into the folder. But! both ways finds same issue: normal maps get messy uv seams, because of kind a smoothing algorithm. seems like the program is trying to smooth pixels between uv shells. Is good for all maps except of normal maps Is there a swith smoothing switcher somewhere? If it isn't make it please! Thanx!
  4. feddark


    How do I disable the right click for menu??? It's very anoying!
  5. feddark

    [Solved] Contour stroke very need it !

    Thanx mates! Probably I just need to update 3d coat to last version!
  6. Hello! Please take a look! Polygonal contour stroke is very useful thing, its like polygonal lasso in photoshop. But lasso has very handy option when you hold shift you can build perfect vertical or horisontal or 45 degree lines. And contour stroke in 3d coat do not like that! Do not, do nooot! Maan please make this beautiful feature work I beg you!
  7. feddark

    Рисование на швах.

    Ещё со швами есть коварная "фича" : когда используешь smooth, то швы будто автоматом сглаживаются в некотором радиусе от места касания кисти. Сначала я обрадовался, но потом обнаружил что такое сглаживание обманчиво, после сохранения текстуры и повторного назначения авто-сглаженные швы снова не сглажены. Без линейной фильтрации то же самое. Возможно ли убрать это авто-сглаживание, или же исправить чтоб работало корректно?