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  1. Michaelgdrs's post in Show retopo in sculpt room. was marked as the answer   
    Sculpt room --> Hit space , pick Import on import settings Select Pick from Retopo its the last option.
  2. Michaelgdrs's post in pease help with a 3d coat navigation problem was marked as the answer   
    This sounds like your mode is in mouse instead of pen.
  3. Michaelgdrs's post in Mesh Workflow Question was marked as the answer   
    Here you go.

  4. Michaelgdrs's post in Transforming multiple layers was marked as the answer   
    Yes , make a new layer , empty , parent all the rest on the new layer and scale the new layer.
  5. Michaelgdrs's post in I think my model is too big.... was marked as the answer   
    It all depends on your hardware , mostly system Ram and Gpu Ram.
    You can press space --> resample and do a couple of tests to find the best settings for your model.
    It will bring down the visible triangles but also get some of the sculpt details.
  6. Michaelgdrs's post in Lighting in 3DC was marked as the answer   
    Extra lights , add lights.
  7. Michaelgdrs's post in Deleted Smart Materials, was marked as the answer   
    Ohhh , delete all 3d coat folders from my document folder.
    Unistall and re install 3D coat.
    This will get you back the default ones.
  8. Michaelgdrs's post in Retopo Place the object then press enter? Not working? was marked as the answer   
    It loads it as an already low poly (retopo) model.
    File import reference mesh is then what you need.
  9. Michaelgdrs's post in Frustrated with import & post import process was marked as the answer   
    Check auto smooth on import.
    Can you try this please?
  10. Michaelgdrs's post in Noob q... texture/paint/materials questions was marked as the answer   
    Greetings and welcome to the forum.
    1) https://gumroad.com/michaelgdrs
    2) Default collection and pick the old school paint material.
    3) Its material related , other need it other dont.
    4) Windows --> Popups --> Stencils
    Anything you need feel free to ask.
    Catch you on the forums 
  11. Michaelgdrs's post in Which Version to Download? was marked as the answer   
  12. Michaelgdrs's post in Installation of the Resource Packs - How? was marked as the answer   
    Greetings and welcome to the community.
    File --> Install Extension.
  13. Michaelgdrs's post in Baking transparency? was marked as the answer   
    It can be done .
    Layer 0 set opacity to 0 and hide the layer.
    Now make a new layer and erase with the erase brush some parts.
    Bam you have transparency.
    If you have additional layers you need to erase those as well included AO.
  14. Michaelgdrs's post in [Solved] Painting - Symmetry Not working was marked as the answer   
    Its your symmetry!!!

    Its not in the middle.

  15. Michaelgdrs's post in [Solved] Why cant I see the extruded mesh in the retopo room, in the sculpt room? was marked as the answer   
    In sculpt room , space , import model , ---> import from retopo room.
  16. Michaelgdrs's post in Primatives (voxel room) was marked as the answer   
    This is freeform primitives at the end of the primitive menu bar
  17. Michaelgdrs's post in I hear 3d Coat goes on sale around Christmas time. was marked as the answer   
    If i remember correctly last year was on sale.
    In general if you buy it now or in sales period  the benefits you will get from this software are the same , you really cant get a better deal out of it.
    On sale , its like stealing candies from a baby.
  18. Michaelgdrs's post in 3D-Coat to Unity 5 (PBR) was marked as the answer   
    File , export objects and textures 
  19. Michaelgdrs's post in [Solved] Does model have any file size limit or polygon limit ? was marked as the answer   
    What you say yes in general they apply.
    1) File -> Import -> Import for vertex painting/big reference is only for painting
    2) File ->  Import Object general import
    3) Space , import 
    4) The right panel mainly has other usage.
    Check official 3d coat tutorials.
  20. Michaelgdrs's post in Problems with bake occlusion was marked as the answer   
    Autopo room
    bake menu 
    bake w normal map (per pixel).
    Have you tried this?
  21. Michaelgdrs's post in Differences between "Steam" PRO and the web "Full Professional for Windows" was marked as the answer   
    Hi , 
    $379 is not 400e.  $379 is 339.910 EUR
    1) On steam you dont pay VAT so it comes cheaper
    2) On 3dc store you pay VAT so its 339.910 EUR plus VAT.
    3) On Steam if you own a stem Edu it cuts another %28 
    The difference is  around 50 EUR PLUS VAT that you save up if you buy from STEAM
    3dc store  339.910 EUR
    steam 289.99
    In my case (saying this as a friend and  because before we buy anything we ought to do a good research so we can always get the best deal out of it)
    I bought my Edu from Steam even cheaper but it was on sale too.
    I bought my Pro from 3dc ex user "used" in a good deal and sell my Edu as well in discount.
    Finally there is no difference in buying a license from Steam and a license from 3dc store.
    Please don't be upset  , you will get your money back 100000% from the very first project you will complete or even use 3d coat , TRUST ME 100000% on this,
    so what is done is done , next time do a little research first and you are always going to be a winner hopefully.
    Friendly talking as always 
  22. Michaelgdrs's post in PBR Smart Materials Settings for blood colour was marked as the answer   
  23. Michaelgdrs's post in Trouble with exported metal textures was marked as the answer   
    In the newest update it works as expected.
    Tested in Houdini mantra , 3ds max Octane , Maya Octane
  24. Michaelgdrs's post in A lattice 'modifier' was marked as the answer   
    Why dont you use the Pose tool?
    It supports lattice manipulator. 
  25. Michaelgdrs's post in [SOLD] Selling EDU 3d coat 4.5 was marked as the answer   
    Sold to Bryan!!!!
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