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  1. I have just read this and I'm glad to tell you that yes, it is possible. I created a set of plugins to load, save and create vertex painting (also known as PolyPainting) in Cinema4D. You are able to load .OBJ files that include RGB information attached to their vertexes (as exported from zBrush, 3DCoat or meshlab) or load .FBX files (saved in ASCII/Text in version 6.0 or 7.2) that include RGB information. You can also save .OBJ or .FBX files with vertex painting information. And you can edit or create from scratch any vertex painting in Cinema 4D. Check out the promo video here: https://vimeo.com/106097060 And a few examples of the features as I was creating them: https://vimeo.com/98089097 (there are a few more videos in my Vimeo channel so just look around) Please tell me what you think.
  2. Precisely because I thought about the possibility of dealing with variable density meshes, the set of plugins contains a Polypaint Transfer tool. It enables the transfer of polypainting information between meshes (it is only included in the Pro version) Anyway, here is the manual, so that you guys can check out what is included: http://ruimac.com/files/docs/PolyPaint%20Manual.pdf About exchanging meshes between Cinema 4D and 3DCoat, what do you mean, Aleksey?
  3. I don't use 3DCoat but I'm a Cinema 4D veteran and, some time ago, a ZBrush/3DCoat/Cinema 4D user contacted me to know if I could create a way to make Cinema 4D use the polypaint information that is included in the .OBJ files exported from ZBrush and 3DCoat. So, I created a set of tools to deal with that missing feature in Cinema 4D. But, in the process, I created much more that just a tool to load RGB information from .OBJ files. I created tools that allow for the loading, saving, creation and editing of true Vertex/poly painting on any editable mesh. My plugin reads RGB information stored inside .OBJ files saved in zBrush/3DCoat or meshlab format. It also allows to save .OBJ files (in ZBrush/3DCoat format) that include that RGB information. The same for .FBX files (in version 6.x, ASCII format). But true Vertex/Poly painting can be created from scratch too. Check out these videos I created while developing the plugins: And this is the promo video: I'm getting ready to produce a longer demo movie, showing how all tools works. So, now there is a better bridge between 3DCoat and Cinema 4D. Before, only mesh data was available. Now, even PolyPaint colors can be swapped in and out of Cinema 4D. Let me know what you guys think Rui Batista
  4. Thank you :-) Although Cinema 4D is not ready to work fast with high density meshes, it is great to be able to load something from 3DCoat and still take advantage of all the painting that was done. And, of course, be able to edit it in Cinema 4D. Rui Batista