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  1. Marinesharp

    [Solved] Low Resolution Normals Pixelized

    Thanks a lot for offering, I am not under a NDA agreement, it's a personal project. I'll pm you the dropbox link.
  2. Marinesharp

    [Solved] Low Resolution Normals Pixelized

    Thanks for the suggestion carlosan but, unfortunately, I had already seen that tutorial and tried it with no luck lol... Made a 4096x4096 resolution (which I must say looked great and I can't wait until 4096x4096 becomes considered a small resolution for video games...), scaled it to 512x512 and it was a bit better but still pixelated. When I make models intended for game engines like unity or such, I manage with 1024x1024 in which pixelation almost never occurs, but as soon as I get down to 512x512, things go bad.
  3. Marinesharp

    [Solved] Low Resolution Normals Pixelized

    I hadn't thought of getting more space by splitting the texture into more files. This model was specifically for Team Fortress 2, but the problem applies to when I am making other low poly game models for sale on other markets. I am allowed multiple materials, each with their own textures (I think) so that would work just fine. Unfortunately that's more work... ah well. Thanks for the quick and helpful response
  4. Marinesharp

    [Solved] Low Resolution Normals Pixelized

    When working on models for video games which require low resolution textures and normal maps (512x512 maximum), I sometimes run into the problem that normal maps come out pixelated while other times they do not. It's weird because sometimes they are smooth, others they are pixelated... and others they are both... Do you guys know some tips for avoiding pixelation (or what causes it) when baking normal maps at low resolutions? I've tried to find help on this but the recurring solution is increase the resolution... not really an option for me. Here is a recent example of some being pixelated and some being smooth: I tried many different ways of marking the seams, scaling the islands, separating different parts but nothing works. This is an example of a model that refuses to not be pixelated. Original model: Mesh: Mesh with Normal Map and Simple Textures (512x512): And normal map (the island on the top left is the inside which will not be seen so it is not properly mapped, I tried shrinking that and increasing everything else as well but that didn't work either):