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  1. germaincg


    Gracias! Thanks!
  2. germaincg

    THU Pioneer

    Illustration for the contest THU 2015, done in 3D Coat, Silo, Substance Painter and rendering in Marmoset Toolbag
  3. germaincg

    Illustration for "Naufragio Espacial" V. 2

    Art for the cover and back cover of musical project "Naufragio Espacial"
  4. germaincg


    Work in progress for 3d print figures. Sculpt and render in 3D-Coat.
  5. germaincg

    Head Female Study

    W.I.P. for a personal project
  6. germaincg

    Hand study

    W.I.P. for a personal project.
  7. germaincg

    Naufragio Espacial

    Illustration for the cover and back cover of the musical project "Naufragio Espacial"
  8. germaincg

    Germain's Sketchbook

    Hi all, these are my first w.i.p.s made in 3D Coat. I will I began from Silo bust , and the other from a sphere. I hope you like them. Best Regards!
  9. germaincg

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello everyone, my name is Germán, I am a professor of visual arts, illustrator and also some modeling work for video games. I'm from Santa Fe, Argentina. I have some experience with software for 3d, currently working as a freelancer, and searching tools to work so I'm discovering 3D-coat. This is a great tool! Best regards! my works: http://germancazes.prosite.com/370161/gallery