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    Jama Jurabaev

    Nuclear winter
  2. Jama

    Garagarape sketchbook

    Great work in here. looking forward to seeing new updates from you! thanks for sharing:)
  3. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Some of examples from professional work i`ve done for Marvel`s Guardians of the galaxy. I used 3d coat to do very rough sketches which i used to paintover later on once the main design was approved. Attaching final designs as well, first ended up being in the movie.
  4. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Hi, renders are done in Keyshot.. i think it is the best to handle millions of polygons coming from 3D coat. Noise mainly comes from a carve tool and textures. I like carve tool...it feels like spraying pixels in 3d space:) Ardennes:) Some pretty old hard surface stuff.
  5. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Thanks, yep.. 3d gives more flexibility when it comes to angles and overall exploration of a shot. 3d coat is one of the best tools to establish quick block-outs and designs. i`ll post more samples later. thanks a lot for your support!
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    A small set for animated film i`m working on
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    From the album: Forest

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    From the album: Forest

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    From the album: Forest

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    From the album: Forest

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    From the album: Forest

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    From the album: Forest

  13. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Thank you! Tony, in general i use 3D coat as a base for my concepts or paintovers. That is why i usually never need to retopologize. Keyshot is very good in handling millions of polys generated by 3Dcoat..i use it as my main renderer. some of older works
  14. Jama

    Jama`s sketchbook

    Thank you very very much:) Here is another one. cheers!