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  1. its actually a simple plane from blender, I did that multiple times and still get the same issue.
  2. hi, I get this weird issue when I start a new custom smart material, just by adding the next layer I get colored tiles and different sizes, again this only happens with imported objects.
  3. Still having the same issue, I tried doing a retopo internally and there was no issue, it seems like its only happening with imported objects
  4. thanks, I will try it now.
  5. Hi, it seems like the " Ignore Back Face " function in the retopo room doesn't work, or I'm missing something !! , it keeps deleting back faces no matter what.
  6. thanks, buy the way it works fine on older versions
  7. also .... this only happens with imported objects in the retopo room, all generated meshes inside 3dcoat are fine.
  8. I have downloaded this version, still having same issue.
  9. Hi, I am having an issue in the retopo room that stops me from finishing my projects, simply the Edge loop doesnt work at all, holding shift or Ctrl has no effect, even with seams, only ring loop is working, I have looked for it in the forums, installed few versions, reset, changed from DX to OGL .... nothing works, help please. thanks.
  10. ahmad

    Selling My License

    looks like im not selling anymore, thanks
  11. hi, I would like to sell my License of 3dcoat ( latest version ) for $220 ( Professional ) if someone is interested please contact me on private I only accept Paypal thanks
  12. hello, I just bought a 4K laptop with 10th generation nvidia, every 3d and 2d program looks sharp and and clear like Blender and Gimp, 3Dcoat is so blurry, fuzzy and hurts my eyes, I have to disaple windows scaling to make it look sharp but the UI becomes very very small, I dont want to change any windows scaling because all programs look sharp and have options of dpi except 3dcoat, any clues ?
  13. Hi I always wanted to have a paint brush like the polygon brush in paint room, but as soon as I used it i started to feel the need for a similar brush which paint an object within the object, for example: I want to paint an eye that is attached to the face in one single object ... I could use the paint polygon brush for the visible faces but I cant paint the back side of the eye, so one brush could paint the entire eye will be great
  14. ahmad