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  1. ahmad

    Selling My License

    looks like im not selling anymore, thanks
  2. ahmad

    Selling My License

    hi, I would like to sell my License of 3dcoat ( latest version ) for $220 ( Professional ) if someone is interested please contact me on private I only accept Paypal thanks
  3. hello, I just bought a 4K laptop with 10th generation nvidia, every 3d and 2d program looks sharp and and clear like Blender and Gimp, 3Dcoat is so blurry, fuzzy and hurts my eyes, I have to disaple windows scaling to make it look sharp but the UI becomes very very small, I dont want to change any windows scaling because all programs look sharp and have options of dpi except 3dcoat, any clues ?
  4. Hi I always wanted to have a paint brush like the polygon brush in paint room, but as soon as I used it i started to feel the need for a similar brush which paint an object within the object, for example: I want to paint an eye that is attached to the face in one single object ... I could use the paint polygon brush for the visible faces but I cant paint the back side of the eye, so one brush could paint the entire eye will be great
  5. ahmad