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  1. Is there a performance overhead associated with having multiple objects within the 3d coat Sculpt scene at one time? I've recently started a character, and planned to begin with a block-in in blender then final detailing and what not in 3d coat. If I import 700k triangles worth of objects (52 objects) from blender, my frame rate drops by over 100, yet if I import 1.5 million tris worth of chain mail (in a single object) from blender, performance barley even takes a dent. I've attached screenshots to show this. I've had scenes well over 50 million triangles run fine in 3d coat, it's been a dream so far, but I mean ... this might be a bit of a deal breaker for me personally. Are there any considerations for working with many objects? Is there anything I can do on my end to mitigate this, or is this a fact of life of 3d Coat?
  2. Ethan.noble

    Multi-Object performance considerations?

    Doesn't seam to make it any better no, I've attached a shot of my voxtree in case there's some sort of tell in there.
  3. Ethan.noble

    Multi-Object performance considerations?

    Hmm, the scene atm has 48 objects .. that seams quite significant of a slowdown for relatively few sub objects
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    Multi-Object performance considerations?

    Thanks for the quick reply :)! When you say "Each ring as a separate object" Do you mean to say each ring on the chain mail? Because that's not the case currently.