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    Can't import mesh - Doesn't show up

    Turns out that running it directly from the installer makes it so that It doesn't let you import mesh :/ Ran directly from executable and it works now.
  2. Ultraninjaz

    Can't import mesh - Doesn't show up

    exporting model from blender as .obj .dae and .fbx and it works with every other program and game engine. Will try all suggestions, thanks. And I don't see anything in 3d coat because it isn't showing up in the import browser in 3dcoat, despite it being the right format :/
  3. Heeeeyyy So I just got retopo, and I know this is probably a really nooby mistake so that's why this is in the new user section. I got 3d coat for the auto retopologizing tool, but when I go to import a mesh for AUTOPO, none of my exported models come up, even though they are either .obj, .dae, and .fbx Help is appreciated.