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  1. Turns out that running it directly from the installer makes it so that It doesn't let you import mesh :/ Ran directly from executable and it works now.
  2. exporting model from blender as .obj .dae and .fbx and it works with every other program and game engine. Will try all suggestions, thanks. And I don't see anything in 3d coat because it isn't showing up in the import browser in 3dcoat, despite it being the right format :/
  3. Heeeeyyy So I just got retopo, and I know this is probably a really nooby mistake so that's why this is in the new user section. I got 3d coat for the auto retopologizing tool, but when I go to import a mesh for AUTOPO, none of my exported models come up, even though they are either .obj, .dae, and .fbx Help is appreciated.
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