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  1. red2blue

    Undo levels

    I know the topic is quite old, but are there any news on that? I feel, that there are just a few undo steps. Like in Blender I have up to 256. But here it seems like 20 or so. Would be nice if there were some adjustments.
  2. red2blue

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    I had the same issue after upgrading to Windows 10 yesterday. I could only select CPU. But after installing the provided OpenCL.dll into the 3d-coat folder, the OpenCL option appeared. Maybe you can reinstall?
  3. red2blue

    Strange Frame around brush after using stencils

    Hey Carlosan, thanks a lot for your help and the information. Will take a deeper look at the video. Thanks!
  4. red2blue

    Strange Frame around brush after using stencils

    No, it is just this one. It started after using some stencils. Seems, that the stancils got a frame, and the frame is still valid even if the stencil is turned off. I copied every content now into new layers and deactivated the old ones (copy and merge with) and now it is gone. Strange. Another question: If I use voxel extrude, is it normal, that 3d coat is turning the active layer into a surface layer?
  5. red2blue

    Strange Frame around brush after using stencils

    I use Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate. I tried all versions DX/GL with/without CUDA. 3D-Coat is version Thanks
  6. red2blue

    Strange Frame around brush after using stencils

    Hi carlos, thanks for the quick answere. I use the newest Nvidia 353.30 Drivers. I got a Geforce 960 GTX. I also get strange colors If I do a selection for the voxel extrude. I attach a screen. The colors of the selection move by moving the mouse. I use 3d-Coat
  7. Hi, I have a small problem. After using a stencil (now it is turned off) I get this kind of frame around my brush. If i hit alt and turn the object it goes away, but it is annoying. Restart of 3d-Coat doesn't helped.Does anybody got an idea what it is? I don't have this with a new projetct. Really appriciate some help. Thanks!
  8. red2blue

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    If I try to do a AO calculation with the new version and OpenCL, I get the following error. This window then pops up 3-4 times and after that 3d-coat crashes. The CPU calculation works fine.
  9. red2blue

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    It was the first time i saw this. But like i said. After reset to default it was gone
  10. red2blue

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Just installed and I got this strange "DAAB" Windows in the Paint Room. Don't know if they were there before (didn't used Paint Room much past time). Tried it in all versions. What is this? Anybody else have this? Edit: Reset Window to default made them go away...
  11. red2blue

    Substances - any thoughts on integrating them?

    You mean Bitmap2Material
  12. red2blue

    10th Challenge Shoes

    Thanks a lot for sharing them!
  13. Hi Chris, thanks for making them. They are really great to learn! One question. Will there also be a german version? Thanks a lot. Best Ingo
  14. red2blue

    Voxel default cube has 3 beveled edges

    Hi, i got the same with the newest Beta (14). The second picture shows the side which is not facing the camera during the creation process