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  1. It is all the work around and small things not there that slowly snowball up to just getting aggravated . Just want a version that everything works . All these not important enough things to fix or should say adjust to better suit . I see it all the time this does not work so go to this new version which fixes that but has a new different problem else where. Where is the go to version where everything works. (not just stable ).I do not get why one does not fix ,what is there now to its best . Keep getting the mini movie of the next great thing added in I shake my head and see all the things that need to be fixed 1st before that next great thing is added in which in turn breaks a whole list of things to not be working then they get fixed back to where they where . progress yes but that list of things is still there. Just Branch 1 version of a working version with fine tuning things and have a 2nd version of the next big thing and all of its good enough it is in there here is the work around for it . It does not matter as like others I will just move on to invest my time in other software .
  2. Ballistic_Tension

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    add in a 3d Cursor then we can chose to use it as a point pivot.
  3. Ballistic_Tension

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    When it happens(the head bust) what is the position reading when you actived the transform tool . Iam using a older build 4.7.07 it is at 0.00 73.84 -10.62 in front view 2 . just me wondering where its at the origin /pivot point is set at.
  4. Ballistic_Tension

    A question from a very new user.

    Hold Down CTRL (blue line) to go in. Any thing White is in. if you use the OT_random6 Stencil and hold CTRL (see a Blue line across brush) the white of the stencil goes in as to have no bulge. You have to look at which Stencil too use as far as what is all white in it and all black. Hope it helps.
  5. Ballistic_Tension

    3dcoat PBR to Blender Principled BSDF Add-On

    I will be using this ! Awesome for your time put into it.
  6. Ballistic_Tension

    Adjustment layers?

    Hey tmcthree I hear you . Just keep on asking questions and hopefully you will get a more direct answer .It is a way for everyone on here to learn about 3dc.
  7. Ballistic_Tension

    Saving Image in smart mat

    When adding a Image/Photo .jpg in smart material (Color) is there a way too save/copy (Pack) the image into 3dc (that smart mat your making) . As my Ext. HD is on/off and some are there. Kinda like in Blender you can Save image packed in the .blend file as to not lose it or go searching for it. I have know idea how 3dc connects/reference the photo/image. thanks for your time.
  8. Ballistic_Tension

    Seperating paint objects question

    In Maya just give the model different Material to the parts you want isolated (name them as to help you in 3dc Mat_wing) . they should come up in the Paint Room with Surface Material > then just turn them on /off. Or use paint bucket tool that will also have surface mat. Hope it is what your asking about.
  9. Ballistic_Tension

    Pinch me and tell me this isn't real! Andrew please read!

    Just wondering which version your using ? (I am using ver. 4.7.07 stable) I Have been using this program a few years and it takes a while to get it . I also get aggravated almost every time I use it but just use it for what works for you and expand out. I for one like it when one speaks there mind I do not see it as good or bad right or wrong just your opinion and I respect that . 3DC is pushing forward adding a new thing and breaking others then fixing them such is Beta. I myself would rather have a less Latest and Greatest and a full stop and just fine tune what we have now . It is a great program just keep at it .Heck it took me 3 years to get the hang of Blender and before that was Fractal Design .
  10. Ballistic_Tension

    Spaceship, Organic style

    Looks Great I could see a few of them joining together to make 1 longer ship as to look like a thorax or the back have of the mother ship.
  11. Ballistic_Tension

    smart UV unwrapping?

    in the retopo room retopo completed on left towards bottom you will see Commands Tab click/open that AUTO Seams then Unwrap. I would mark the seams yourself for a better outcome. then unwrap. edit : in same retopo room 1st click on UV> Mark Seam This then give more options in the Command List..
  12. Ballistic_Tension

    Where the hat at_

    Hey Carlosan 2weeks till x-mas and still no holiday cap/hat . What not cold enough outside for you or Perhaps you put it in with the box marked Virtual 3d Holiday Tree Ordainments . Try looking in C: 3dcoat >Seasonal > Easter_ Eggs > That Guy who helps all year >
  13. Ballistic_Tension

    [Solved] Help with potion bottle glass :C

    Just wondering why Low Poly on worked. Was just 1 of the objects low poly or both the bottle and liquid are low poly? or Was there a high poly bottle and a low poly baked normal map on it ?
  14. If by chance you have the Paint Bucket TOOL selected the 3 spheres blue ,green , black move too the far left .
  15. Ballistic_Tension

    texture distorted

    It looks as if your 3dcoat viewport is set to Perspective and it looks as if the 3ds max is in orthographic . I wish 3dc would change there modes to show it to just P and O I can barley tell which is which now with the boxes. Hopefully that is it.