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  1. Hi, I would like to create a plugin / script / makro which can export all the textures from paint room in regular intervals to a specific location without the user having to confirm anything. I already had a look at the AppLink documentation (which requires button press) and at the general scripting documentation but could not find any texture or paint room specific classes :/ So my questions are: (1) Is what I try to do possible with 3D Coat? (2) Can someone give me a hint where to look for this export function? Kind regards, Marcurion
  2. Hi, thank you Javis, I got it working: Here is what I did: -New Project -> Correct Scan Data -> Surface Mode -Create the mesh with Autopo (Per Pixel) but don't select keep UVs instead generate new UVs (default) -Export your low poly .obj and normal Map -Start a new Project and File-> Import -> Import Reference Model -> Select High Res .obj -In Painting Room: Textures -> Import -> Color Texture -> Select the high res color texture that came with the scan -Then Textures -> Texture Baking Tool -> Uncheck use current low poly mesh and instead navigate to your previously exported low poly mesh It will generate then a color Texture that can be used with your new UVs However I would like to be able to modify the Object and display the texture at the same time (for example to smooth scan artefacts that are close to the hair area), is there a way? When I import the .obj as a Referecne mesh I can load a texture, when I import it as a Voxel object I can shape it. :/ Can I convert for example the Reference Mesh to a Voxel Volume and keep the texture somehow? Regards, Marcurion
  3. Hi everyone, I am brand new to this forum but I have been enyoing 3D Coat for quite a while, especially for modelling. Well for my job I have to take a 3D Scan high resolution .obj file of a head and its texture (8k) and create a low poly version that can use the same texture. I can the create the geometry quite well thanks to the awesome AUTOPO tool but I am struggeling with the UV Maps. Could you guys give me please a small guide how I can get the retopo mesh to use the same texture as the high resolution mesh and if possible keep the details in a normal map? What I've tried so far (Some menu entries names might differ I am not using English as menu language): 1. At startup panel -> Correct scanned Model -> Surface Mode -> Select the High Res .obj 2. Right click on the voxel volume -> Autopo -> Autopo ( Pixel Base) -> ok -> continue -> continue -> the retopo mesh is created 3. Then for the maps -> ok -> ok -> then I select keep uv coordinates, change the uv map size to 8k and press ok 4. Then I am kind out of options, so I go to the Retopo Panel -> File -> Export Retopo Model Now when I go into Blender and import the Retopo .obj file -> select the object -> go to edit mode -> select all vertices -> go to UV/Image editor the vertices are not layed out as usually like a UV map, in fact none are visible and when I load the texture it is tiled all over the head model (many small versions of the whole texture are visible) I already tried messing around with several options under UV-Tool panel -> Textures before progressing to step 4, but did not get any results. Could you please help me out, what have I to do in order to be able to reuse the texture and details in a normal map? Your help is greatly appreciated... Regards, Marcurion
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