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    4.7 : current UVW tools

    Just wondering if anyone else is having issues, I'v been using 3Dc for a whole year now for doing UV's (and painting) instead of doing them in Max. In said year 3DC has always been vastly superior in both speed and accuracy and had great results. Now I'v recently upgraded both Max and 3DC to their latest counterparts and the outcome is suddenly a 180 turn, Max 2017 UVing is now not only up to a decent speed, but its got correcter results and much faster than before, good for 'ole' Max, no complains there. 3Dc however took a nosedive down, the results are sub par with parts overlapping, relax not fixing things and the program generally acting like it doesn't really know 'what do' in any of the options available generating unusable UV's that I have to correct in Max. I'm confused here, and would like to hear if other people are experiencing the same or if there have been options added that I need to enable to get it back like the previous version.
  2. Srogue

    Baking texture from rendered view

    edit; nvm found the solution :p
  3. Srogue

    your weekly graphic card question

    I'm going to make notes of what this system can hold,I don't know exactly how high it was on my current work, had to desemate because of the lag. Witch is fine as long as its not hurting the work in general ofcourse. But yeah I'm just as surprised, I don't know nor understand it either as 16 RAM is still pretty much even now. Its pretty frustrating I thought this would be good enough for the work in question. Daw ,yes you should pose him up for rendering ! He looks awesome
  4. Srogue

    your weekly graphic card question

    Hmmmm, I'm terrible at choosing so this took a good day to mill about. As much as I love my games to be 'all pretty' I'v barley bought a graphic demanding game in the last 2 years, and the only ones I'm looking out for currently are No mans Sky and Fallout 4, I think I'll survive a few months them without an actual game card. I might temporarily go for a 750ti ( EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti )while saving up for a better one. Unless its really not able to pull of a clothed character, I probably won't go to complex, still learning and all. 780(ti) I actually hadn't seen those ! They sound great, even tho a bit more pricey than I'm used too but I knew that would eventually be the case. Really doubt I'll be able to get the cash soon, my best bet is probably to start saving up a good 400 to 500 bucks and keep an eye out on that particular series Great to hear you're upgrading thats one beast of a card ! At this moment a 1000 is a bit to much so I'll pass,it IS something I'm willing to consider in the future, because a card like that must be able to chew true everything, wow do want eheh . Thank you so much for everything ! You've been a great help
  5. Hello hi, I'm sorry, this is a question that probably comes up a lot over here, but Google or search don't cover everything. Or its just very outdated and I'm really REALLY not very techy at all, I'm trying tho, my PC doctor is of no help either he keeps addressing AMD cards. (specs at the bottom ) I would absolutely want to make fully worked out game ready characters and dive deeper into 3D, if possible in 3DC because I just like the workflow, and I was thrilled to find an affordable sculpting all around program,I love 3DC, buuuuut I'm having technical difficulties that surfaced even faster in 3DC because of how it works, Voxels n all. More than often 3DC shuts down with messages like 'not enough virtual memory' and simply 'not enough memory' or crashes and has me send the errors to the devs. But I gather its related. Not to mention making holes in the mesh. As for virtual memory I have been doing research, my PC has full access to 16364MB, I didn't have to change anything in preferences so that's the full 16 RAM being used. At least I suspect it to be. Do I perhaps have to change something in 3DC itself ? My graphic card is a whole different story tho '1024MB ATI AMD Radeon HD 5800 Series (MSI)' I suspect this is the culprit. I'd very much like a CUDA card to give 3DC more power. After browsing here I found some cards, but I'd like to have more experienced people to take a look at what the best solution is I'd rather not find out I'v done a misbuy. I'v found the EVGA line recommended here ranging from the budget one to the slightly more expensive . However in the store I'v found the ASUS line, the prices are nearly identical, maybe even a bit cheaper I think I'v seen this one at the store . Is there a significant performance difference between these two lines ? I'm pretty sure I'v seen a 4gig ASUS geforce as well that didn't reach 300 euro, or is the EVGA still the better one for 3D work. And, regardless of series, would the cheaper ones have enough horsepower to not crash and minimize the lag ? Or do I have no choice to go to the more expensive solutions if I want to work headache free ? ofcourse the specs ;
  6. Srogue

    splines, how do

    Yeees that was it ,deselected the option and bam, spline scales ! I did indeed try all versions, sorry forgot to mention! Thank you very very much
  7. Srogue


    Just a newby myself but this should help you out for now ;
  8. Srogue

    splines, how do

    I can't seem to get this to work, what I'd like is the scales to simply 'exist' as an object and stop ghosting. 'Enter' doesn't work, neither of the apply buttons either, most I'v seen of it comes from the dragon tutorial on YT but yeah, Enter doesn't work (neither does re-installing, using the BETA instead of stable, closing, rebooting,or offering it a massage ) noting happens. At least not something I was aiming for. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong here.
  9. Srogue

    Introduce yourself!

    Howdy folks ! I'm Rogue, a former Zbrush user that is working on converting fully to 3DC. Wish I knew about this program sooner, I just love everything about it eeeexeeept that you guys sorda need to get more publicity out there, both to get more people into it and to get more documentation like tutorials and resources spread out online. I'm sure lots more people would love 3DC.