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  1. I've found a bug, king of. In the paint room. Paint with color on the random layer, use arrow icon (in the layer's panel) to open layer's blending popup, change layer's brightness, contrast (try to enter the values into the input fields). All fields seem to not working/responding at all. Changing layer's blending via Layer Blending popup panel works fine. 4.8.05(DX64)
  2. This is exactly what I was hungry for! I think this mechanism needs to be applied to vertices as well.
  3. is it a correct place to ask for a life-saving feature? plz, add 2 buttons to UV-room: align vertices/edges vertical and horizontal.
  4. Правильно использовать именно Strips. Фишка в том, что для того, чтобы кисть была цветная, исходное изображение должно быть в формате TGA или PSD. Про кривые - я не знаю такой опции в Коуте, скорее всего такого нет. Есть кисть Curve Stroke, с её помощью можно нарисовать контур, а потом вдоль него применить кисть.
  5. Hey, guys! Had some spare time and I "remastered" the splash screen picture. Hope, you'll like it. I've zipped the splash screen images, you can replace (backup original) files at C:\Program Files\3D-Coat-V4.7.x\Splash\ folder. Splash.zip
  6. Thanks, ajz3d. This makes sense. I thought Unwrap uses some other algorithms...
  7. netgoblin


    Было бы очень удобно иметь возможность перетащить окно 'Texture UV Editor' из окна программы на второй экран. Работать в маленьком окошке крайне напряжно.
  8. So, I have my model already unwrapped in the UV room. Once I add extra UV seam, I need to unwrap certain part of my model again. How to reunwrap certain island? The way I do: Add new temporary UV set. Move selected island to the new UV set. Unwrap everything there. Unify UV (thnx God!). Remove temporary UV set. Too robust. Is there a better way to do that?
  9. Stupid me... I should have used Airbrush Tool No help is needed. thnx
  10. I'm trying to draw a weld seams... So I use a Brush Tool, a Depth channel active and the Additive paint checkbox turned on. But when I draw I get a plainly extruded stroke. Is there a way so that each brush drop (tick) will be overlayed on top of the previous one? Spacing parameter in Brush options doesn't help much. I use standard round alpha, maybe that is the problem? Do I need a specific alpha for a welded seams effect? thnx
  11. Why emissive map includes diffuse colors? Is there a way so that all emissive layers will be baked on a black background? I tried to make a totally black emissive layer and it didn't work - my whole model became black. Why is that? thnx
  12. Можно "склеивать" острова через Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V.
  13. I had an issue with AO calculations: sphere - did no visible results, hemisphere+sphere - exploded my model after calc. I've tested several times, then I restarted 3dcoat and AO calculations worked fine. Very strange. My specs are: 3dcoat 4.5.40 x64, 1k texture, gtx780ti, win 7 x64. Why post smoothing steps were removed? Very usefull feature. I used it for draft AO generation, like a preview before high quality baking, very time consuming. Also, it was a good looking dirt texture mask =)
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