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    Adjusting the light for visibility

    That worked, thanks. However ambient light intensity does not work?
  2. CountChocula

    Adjusting the light for visibility

    I'm trying out the material painting and finding it hard to see what I'm painting on at times, particularly with metal. It seems I would need to adjust the light angle, but clicking and dragging that does nothing. It does work on the other buttons (brightness etc). What can I do?
  3. I'm new to 3dcoat and downloaded the 4.5 trial to see how well it works for tiled sculpting. And I haven't seen much about it on youtube, but there is a tiled sandbox option (3 x 3 tiles) that I tried, however the implementation of this is quite weird. When you sculpt there is obvious seams, as seen here What good is tileable sculpting if there are seams?