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  1. riverdog

    3dcoat/blender applink

    Can some one tell my what I am doing wrong? I'm using blender 2.76 and 3dcoat 4.5.16 and trying to get the applink to work. I have followed all the tutorials I can find and still nothing. can someone walk me thru the work flow Please.
  2. riverdog

    3dcoat/blender applink

    Thanks for the info yall, but it will wont work. I wonder if the fact that I'm using the educational version of 3DC has anything to do with it? Yes Carlosan, I read that one too. I have even been in contact with 3dnut to see if he had found an answer to the problem..
  3. riverdog

    3D-Coat Applink for Blender Workflow Help Needed.

    I cant get it to work either 3dnut. I wonder if it has anything to do with the dx and gl versions of 3dcoat. Sure hope this gets figured out soon. I'm getting frustrated. Mike riverdog
  4. riverdog

    A ? about normal maps

    I want to use 3dcoat to generate normal maps. I have been able to sculpt a high poly mesh, retopo it to a low poly mesh, bake the normals, color, depth, etc. My question is where are these maps. I want to use these maps in blender and unreal engine, but I cant seem to find them anywhere. Or find a way to save them to someplace. Can anyone help me? Thanks Mike
  5. riverdog

    is this a snapping bug?

    OK, here is one that has me stumped. I am retopoing a mesh. I have symmetry set to x and z. when I try to place a point, the closer I get to a 90 degree angle from the mesh the more it wont snap to the mesh.
  6. Why is it that sometimes when i open an existing project, it's upside down. I can type 4 and its upside down I type 2 its still upside down. everything seems to be working its just upside down. Any ideas? Thanks Mike
  7. riverdog

    A ? about voxtree and sclupting

    Here is the ?. I have a sculpt that I want to split into two peace's. I have it in one volume of the voxtree. I have made a new volume and want to take one of the peaces and put it in volume two. How do I do that? Thanks Mike
  8. riverdog

    Normals on retopo mode

    I have had success reversing the normal by clicking "invert mirror"
  9. riverdog

    A ? about normal maps

    found it. texture/export
  10. riverdog

    uv islands

    Found it. menu/;window/popups/uv preview
  11. riverdog

    uv islands

    Noobie here. I have managed to loose my uv islands preview. I toggle island preview but it does nothing. How can I turn it back on? It doesn't show up to the right of the main view.