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  1. ButtonsTheMonkey

    Pose tool selection selecting on off angle

    Yeah I am using the most up to date version, I did the "check for updates" under help to confirm. But thanks for that video, it showed me some things I didn't know, and maybe I can work around the little bug I have with the layers and such.
  2. I've noticed using the pose tool even with "Snap to angle" turned on, that I don't actually get a clean angled selection. More often than not it's angled and mirrored if I have symmetry turned on. This is in Orthographic view. Is there something I'm missing? I've tried turning Symmetry off and even doing snap to 90 degrees, sometimes it's close but still not 100% flat as I'd like it to be.
  3. ButtonsTheMonkey

    Rick WIP

    I kind of figured a way to make his lab coat, probably not the best way but looks good enough! Here's the final render.
  4. ButtonsTheMonkey

    Rick WIP

    Taking a drawing I did a bit back and making it in 3D, kinda stuck on near final bit, his lab coat, any suggestions on best way to approach this? I started using the Retopotology tool, but was having some strange stuff happen around his elbow and due to it not being symmetrical it was proving to be a problem. Should I just go on and get the repo to work, or is there another better option to add clothing onto a model? Thanks!
  5. ButtonsTheMonkey

    WIP Stylized Skeletor

    I ended up splitting the legs at least, figured I had to when they wouldn't move independently. I think I'm finished with this guy for now, I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow and didn't want to leave it undone. It was my actual attempt into actually learning the program, I tried a few times but just got overwhelmed and frustrated, but I really wanted to push passed all that with this one. Now I know more and think I can move onto something different now that I know more, do things smarter. Thanks for all your input all!
  6. ButtonsTheMonkey

    WIP Stylized Skeletor

    I don't think I'd go about animating it, just would like to do a fun pose and probably "call it a day". Currently I have multiple layers of voxel/surface objects, think it's best to keep them or merge them all into one to pose?
  7. ButtonsTheMonkey

    WIP Stylized Skeletor

    Alrighty! Got some work ahead of me!
  8. ButtonsTheMonkey

    WIP Stylized Skeletor

    Hey all, Still getting the hang of the program and sculpting as a whole, I'm fairly happy with the look of my character (aside from his hands, but those are the bane of my existence in 2D why wouldn't it be in 3D??) I'll still probably tweak things a bit more, but I was wondering what would be the best next step to take it more into a posable figure. Is it best to do repo work, then paint, and then just take to another program (for me Cinema4D) to give him (real) bones (comedy!) and pose and render in there? Any workflow suggestions would be great, and if there's any tutorials to follow for bits feel free to suggest. Thanks!