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    3d coat to Arnold

    Hello Man, yes i know, i am tryng to replicate the same result in arnold for maya, but its really impossible and for production this is quite a problem, cause i can see in marmoset the object working perfectly, but in maya or xsi i can't seem to find a quick way to export maps and have them to responde correctly, does anybody have some work around? thank you
  2. neom315

    3d coat to Arnold

    Hello guys and girls, What is the best aproach to get a similar result of the 3d coat pbr in Arnold? I am trying to match the same look, but for some reasons i can get something very similar in marmoset, but if i go in arnold the textures does not match and shader look totally different. I am testing it into xsi, but even with maya i get the same result. Thank you
  3. neom315

    how to mask reflection

    thank you i will try that.
  4. neom315

    Help needed Mudbox to 3d coat

    Thank you guys for the tips, i was importing a high poly model directly into the paint area, so i will try all your suggestion, first of all by trying to convert into voxel to see if things goes smoother.
  5. neom315

    how to mask reflection

    Hello, again with a question, might be stupid, but seems i cant quite have it fixed, i am trying to tell to an object to be reflective only in certain portions of the object, i usuallly have only to create a map with a specific colour where i want the reflection and leave black everything else (or white depending from the engine) now i am fighting from couple of hours to understand how can i actually make one part of the image reflective and the other completely not reflective, someone can trow some light on that? thank you again
  6. Hello everyone. I have just start playing around with 3d coa and i most admit i love it, but i have need help on my pipeline, i am sure i am doing something totally wrong. I am working on my models in mubdox leave them at maximum res and then send them to 3d coat for texturing, import is amazingly long to import the models, then once inside there if i try to make a new material with a simple color texture to start painting (only in the color slot) painting is incredible slow, i would say un usable, so i guess i am importing the model in the incorrect way, there is anyone who can help me understand whats the correct way to do it? i import at maximum levels cause i need the displaced models coming from my sculpting of course. Thank you P.s. i am on an esacore with 24 gb of ram and a gforce 980, running 3d coat dx64