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  1. Haunted, don't be sorry. You have done great work. Life goes first. All the best for you.
  2. I also would like to see usable applink between 3d-coat and Blender. I remember that it worked years ago, those were some happy times.
  3. Hi Haunted. Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome work! <3
  4. Hi. I am trying to import a mesh for texture painting and I get a warning, "The square of UV set is too big. It may mean that uv set is incorrect or tiled too much.... etc". If I still import it with uv:s and set texture size to 2k x 1k, my computer freezes and I have to restart. If I use really low texture size, file opens. I have got this same warning sometimes when I have multiple uv-sets. What is odd is that I don't have any tiling or multiple uv sets and texture size is not really high. Character model is really light just about 5000 triangles. What might affect this? What that "incorrect UV-set" exactly means? Oh, and I first tried this with latest beta, then downgraded to last stable version, same results. thanks.