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    Batch importing alpha brushes

    Thanks Carlosan. I just read something similar to your advice in the manual before i posted but it didn't click. Also thanks for the heads up on splitting the folders to help keep things moving quickly. IO
  2. Hi 3DC'ers i've purchased a 325 brush hard-surface alpha brush set. I'm curious how i can batch import these as doing them 1 by 1 would be very time consuming. Thanks.
  3. IO1

    Noob "Old Gen" texturing question

    Thanks again KevJon the application i have in mind does not have a glossiness map input just a normal spec channel, the glossiness is controlled else-wise without the benefit of a custom map. I also use substance designer, substance designer has an old gen work flow so i guess ill bounce between that and Photoshop. It's a shame not to be able to use the flexible tool set of 3D coat in a direct way. Thanks for the link it helped to clarify my problem. IO
  4. IO1

    Noob "Old Gen" texturing question

    Thanks Kevjon. Do you know if the glossiness channel in 3D coat is an accurate equivalent to what a standard specular map would be when i export it? Thanks, IO
  5. Hi just a quick question. Can 3D coat be used for "Old Gen" (diffuse,spec,normal) texturing as i still have some use for the old work flow in certain programs i use. If so would i use blinn- phong which my older application uses or the compatibility shader? Thanks, IO
  6. IO1

    Fine details?

    Thanks Timmy i think those two are the best tools for crisp edges. IO
  7. IO1

    Fine details?

    Thanks for your reply's guys i'll take a look at that thread Carlosan. IO
  8. IO1

    Fine details?

    Hello 3D coat community could you tell me which tools i need to use to get the sort of fine line detailing around the panels in the picture i have posted. Could i get the detailing that thin and sharp using curve pen tools if so which tool or tools would you suggest? Thanks IO.
  9. IO1

    Measurement Units

    Hi all can anyone tell me if there is a way to permanently change the measurement units so i don't have to keep doing it repeatedly? Thanks, IO