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  1. i'm kind of new to 3d coat...so maybe this should be posted in "bugs" or "feature requests", but i opted for "new users". i'm hitting a couple snags, after retopo'ing hiPoly meshes (from zbrush, with polypainting) and then baking/texturing in 3d coat. 1) is there a way to link "spheres of influence" to a _specific_ retopo object? i ask this because my characters are generally made up of multiple mesh shells and while the "name correspondence for baking" bakes in sequence, it doesn't appear to turn on/off spheres...so the sphere influencing the pelvis will affect the bake of the leg (not a good thing, in this case). i know i can work around this, by turning the corresponding retopo/voxel/spheres on/off to bake things separately, but it would really speed up my process. 2) since i have to bake, in several passes, i get multiple UV sets. this would be fine if the mesh shells were intended to be on different texture pages, but they are all meant to be on a single texture page. when i combine the UV sets, in the UV room (after baking), the normals get screwed up (some islands look like they flip the green channel, while others don't). other than exporting/re-importing, is there a way to do this reliably? cheers, -j p.s. i'm loving being able to "smooth" normal map bake errors, in 3d, and the new smart PBR materials!
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    importing retopo mesh issue

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  3. as seen in the image, below, importing (some) meshes turn any existing retopo meshes to wireframe. exporting the meshes, from different programs (after running auto-fix tools, like maya's mesh>cleanup, and/or re-building the mesh by hand), doesn't seem to help...any ideas? i'm on a deadline, but would prefer to continue using 3d-coat instead of having to work around this issue. :\ cheers, -j