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  1. If we click 'Snap to Low Poly Vertices' is it possible to get that to translate into all tools (brush won't snap to vertices when placing 3D primitives with 'Click to Place enabled) Also getting bizarre ghosted viewport geometry appearing while using the 'Cut' tool, which obscures the model - Rich
  2. -rb-

    2021 Q1

    Yes very true, I would agree with smaller updates but this seems to be a bit larger than the usual! Might be wrong - Rich
  3. -rb-

    2021 Q1

    I think we may need to respect the devs a bit on this as - in the end - product timetables are difficult at best...Last thing we need is a wave of new features that are unusable for production because of bugs....So I'm asking them to take their time!!! (however I do desperately desperately want the Modelling Room, can't wait) PS - Guys/girls please make sure the Factures mesh exports (and the FBX exports in general) are scaled properly (currently all over the place for what I've seen in 2021 so unusable in an external renderer ) Also, would be great to be able to assign names to Factures Materials (currently you can't name them) - Rich
  4. I am getting no VDB import, or crash in 4.9.67 - Rich
  5. -rb-

    Vertexture Room

    Thanks! - Rich
  6. -rb-

    Vertexture Room

    Hi all, Was just wondering if anyone could confirm there's work being done on the Vertexture Room for 2021? I've seen a lot of announcements for other rooms, yet haven't seen any word on it. I've been getting some great results out of it (paint straight on the surface > obj > Octane - see attached image pulled straight out of 3DC), and have updated my license partly to take advantage of it but, yes - very hard to find any info about it! Thanks, - Rich
  7. -rb-

    [Bug] Facture Colour oddity...

    Any VerTexture users out there? Is it a much-used room? - Rich
  8. -rb-

    [Bug] Facture Colour oddity...

    Unfortunately that doesn't seem to work...It looks like the red channel in the image (any image) turns blue...Very odd... - Rich
  9. -rb-

    [Bug] Facture Colour oddity...

    Does anyone know why a texture may be changing it's albedo colour when painted onto a surface? - Rich
  10. -rb-

    Sketchup to 3dcoat problems

    Hi - I use SkUp and 3D Coat quite a bit, and can't replicate that problem (for some reason over here). A few workflow tips I've counted on: - Making sure when you export from SkUp, use obj or fbx (fbx is usually the best bet as there are less phong issues) - Make sure your normals are all correct as faces will disappear in 3D Coat (as 3D C won't show back faces) - Do some research on how 3D Coat scales your models on import, scale can become an issue with faces. 3D Coat has a mildly insane units system that prioritises voxel density over ease-of-use (scene needs about a 100 vox / unit density)...In order to get from 3D Coat to to Houdini or Octane Standalone (that use a m scene scale) I use cm out of SketchUp, 3D Coat m as units, Voxels Per Unit 100, Units Scale 1, Scene Scale 1. It's a real head-scratcher at times, and if you haven't got your head around it, you definitely should. - Have 'Triangulate all faces' checked, 'Export two-sided faces' unchecked. - Manage your workflow to not include many groups or components (this is actually a big problem, making 3DC and SketchUp not great bedfellows - you'll have to do a lot of exploding)...3D Coat will import each of these on a layer, and on larger models with thousands of groups this will crush 3D Coat when you try and import. My work-around for this is taking into Houdini and stripping the obj group attributes off, but that may be a bit too advanced. Hope some of that helped... - Rich
  11. Hi all, Just started using Factures in the VerTexture room (and wow...So so powerful - this will change the game once more people catch on) but I have a problem...The Color always comes out a very blue version of the albedo of the facture when I'm painting. Any ideas what could be wrong?? It's not to do with the environment map... Thanks! - Rich
  12. All good - for reference if anyone needs a similar alteration to the code just remove everything after the original_name in the 'if' statement. if (inst_pos == -1) RenameCurVolume(original_name); else RenameCurVolume(original_name)); Thanks guys - Rich
  13. Hey all - Was wondering what the best way would be to edit the script so that the children would just have the same name as the parent layer (no padding)? This would be amazing for my workflow... Thanks! - Rich
  14. THANKYOU!! Phew driving me bonkers
  15. Hi all, Anyone else having issues with only brush-over working to work with a stencil? Thanks, - Rich